Covid-19 Coronavirus – LHYC Guidelines Updated – 4th March 2021

Updated 4th March to include the RYA Roadmap for the return of recreational boating

Updated on 26th February to include a link to the RYA’s FAQs, that gives their interpretation of the governments Roadmap out of lockdown. Here

The Government issued new guidance for the national lockdown in England, which came into force on 5th January 2012. On 22nd January 2021 the Prime Minister announced the governments Road Map out of lockdown.

It was announced that Outdoor Sports Venues will be able to reopen no earlier than 29th March 2021. The stay at home rule will also remain in force until that date. As we are classified as a sports club, hopefully that will apply to us and we can start to operate from that date. There obviously can be no lift ins before that date, and the majority of members will require time to get their boats ready to start the 2021 season. The committee will be discussing the logistics of returning around 60 boats to the water at next weeks committee meeting and we will update members as soon as possible.

As an affiliated club we have been following advice issued by the RYA. The RYA are currently reviewing the governments road map and will update their guidance soon.

The club remains closed and we strongly advise all members to adhere to the Government rules for England and if you are thinking of visiting the club you must consider whether doing so is in accordance with the Government rules as a whole including to stay at home, not to travel, no overnight stays and to only exercise with one other person as well as whether your reason for visiting is in line with the new restrictions.

The club website has been updated with a new section linking to various Covid-19 guidance and information documents Covid-19 Information.

We will continue to review the guidance as it becomes available.

Stay well, with best regards from the Committee