Thank you for your interest in Lower Halstow Yacht Club. Due to the continuing popularity of LHYC, we have been forced to temporarily suspend accepting new members. We have run out of available moorings and due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been unable to install new moorings. We are also assessing available space for storing boats ashore. Any New Member applications will now be placed on a waiting list and applicants will be informed as and when space becomes available.

If you are interested in joining Lower Halstow Yacht Club, please read the LHYC Fact Sheet and either complete the online form or Download the Membership Application Form and send it to one of the addresses shown. You will then be invited to attend a committee meeting for an informal chat where both you and the committee get the chance to ask questions and get to know each other.

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Facts about LHYC


The Club is situated at the end of Lower Halstow Creek, which leads into Stangate Creek and onwards to the River Medway opposite Thamesport Container Terminal. By road it is just outside Lower Halstow Village, with its Pub/Restaurant and Village Store, on the Sheerness Road.
Lower Halstow Creek is tidal and all members boats take to the mud at low tides. The window of opportunity to leave your mooring is, subject to the prevailing tidal height, wind, and air pressure conditions, -2.00 to +1.30 hours approximately.
All Club moorings are of the swinging type with the boat attached to a sinker via a buoy with a riser chain and swivel. These moorings and their equipment are supplied by the Club, but it is a member’s responsibility (and a Club rule) to check them annually and report their condition to the Mooring Masters on the relevant reporting sheet. The Club have to inform Peel Ports of all mooring users therefore you will need to pay their Conservancy Fee which is available from the Membership Secretary at a slightly discounted price.
Winter lift out and storage is available subject to numbers. Vessels are launched and recovered either on their own trailer or the clubs lift gear. The club has 2 lift cradles and a tractor. Size, weight and draught limits apply. Boats are stored in our own yard which has all night lighting and CCTV. There is power and water available around the yard for winter maintenance. Standard storage ashore is limited to 26 weeks and we discourage long term projects ashore.
The wooden jetty, with a two-tier dinghy landing, can be moored alongside at the end for landing or loading, or on the northern side which has a drying pad for mid-season scrub offs, however Mooring Masters permission is required if you intend to stay on the jetty overnight.
The concrete slip extends to the end of the jetty on the south side and gives you early dinghy access to the rising tide (approx. 4.2m above CD). Club launching trolleys are available and you are requested to return them to their storage position after use.
Ashore there is a Club hut which provides a comfortable meeting and relaxation area along with a kitchen and shower room. Alongside is a steel container in which oars may be stored and will have a 2nd toilet (Spring 2018), and the Bosuns Locker- a 2nd steel container that has restricted access via a committee member. All members have keys to the hut and toilets.
There are dinghy storage racks and ample parking on site, particularly in the summer, when you can also take advantage of the picnic tables on the sea wall.
The only vehicular access to the site is via the double gates on the Sheerness Road. All members have a key to the padlock and it is a strict Club rule that it must be locked after entry or exit by the member concerned. The security of the premises, buildings, and equipment is very much each member’s responsibility, as is disposal of rubbish which is a simple take it home rule. We do not have facilities for rubbish disposal on site.

Community Amateur Sports Club

Lower Halstow Yacht Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), which means we have to comply with various rules imposed by HMRC. One rule obliges that sufficient members participate in club activities. At least half the membership must participate on a minimum of 12 times per year (proportionate to membership period in first year). Applicable activities may be, but not restricted to, competing in club races, attending work parties, helping with boat lifts and taking your boat out on a trip.

The Committee

The elected Committee is composed of the Officers of the Club who are as follows.


The Commodore – Flag Officer

Vice Commodore – Flag Officer

Rear Commodore – Flag Officer

Club Secretary – Officer

Club Treasurer – Officer

Mooring Masters _ Officers

Social Secretaries – Officers

& 6 other Committee Members


The Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month and in essence manage the Clubs finances, facilities, and projects. They are also responsible for new membership applications such as yours, and the policing of the club in line with the Club Constitution. If your application for membership passes its preliminary vetting by the Committee you will be asked to attend a formal meeting to introduce yourself personally, after which a decision will be made on whether to accept you as a member.

Committee member’s names, contact numbers, and their club responsibilities are published around the club should you need them.


Club membership is limited to no more than 120. If the membership is on the upper limit new applicants would have to go on a waiting list.

The membership is a split between yacht, fishing boat, motor cruiser, dinghy members and more recently canoes and kayaks. The majority use Club Moorings but some have private moorings in the creek, and a few are based in Marinas up river. All members must have third party boat insurance at least. An important point to note by fisherman is that no bait digging is allowed on the club shoreline.

All members are encouraged to attend work parties that occur on two weekends a year. Failure to attend two work parties a year will incur a penalty of £25 per day added to the following years subs.

During the year, Club premises are kept clean with the grass cut every week on a rota system, which requires every member to give a couple of hours work for one session per season. (The grass cutting rota is currently suspended while we have a small group of local volunteer members who maintain the grass etc).

Members are also asked to help at lift outs and ins, and are expected to attend if their boat is involved.


Club communications are through various means. Primarily through email and our own web site in which there is a member’s area behind a secure login. There you will be able to find Committee meeting minutes, the race and cruising calendar, and other members issues.

There are notices and minutes posted at the club on notice boards, and the quarterly Club Newsletter “Up The Creek” which is posted to everyone.

Like all Clubs there is an Annual General Meeting when all members are welcome to attend, contribute in discussion, and raise issues if they wish.

Sailing, Boating and Social Events

There is a comprehensive sailing race and cruising calendar every year.

Races are either in the creek itself, or round the Isle of Sheppey, or out into the Thames and Medway Estuaries. There is one charity race a year when we all pay a small fee to take part and raise funds for the charity nominated.

Cruises range from local destinations such as Harty or Queenborough, up the east coast, or to Ramsgate, and sometimes further afield to the Dutch or French Coast.

There is an annual summer BBQ normally after a race in the creek, a beginning and end of season supper which recently has been held in the Three Tuns Restaurant, and subject to demand an annual dinner dance.

All these events are open to all members and new participants are warmly welcomed.


Lower Halstow Yacht Club is primarily a self-help Club, which allows its fees for membership, moorings, lifts, and storage to be amongst the lowest in the area.

Whilst same tide cruising range is limited, the clubs position is a good start point for longer range cruises particularly into the Medway and Thames estuaries. Its facilities are good and being improved all of the time, with its future based around the members creating and maintaining the club themselves.

Updated Aug 2018