Wind causes havoc at Lower Halstow

Very strong winds this last weekend knocked one boat off it’s stand, damaging another, knocked another over on its mooring leaving it partially sunk as it didn’t right, and dislodged another which was re-propped before it went over.


2 Responses

  1. Tony Lavelle says:

    Oh dear, I hope the damage wasn’t too serious.

  2. Admin Admin says:

    The one that went over has snapped its mast and its lift keel was extended and is lying on it at a strange angle, so it’s mounting could be damaged. The one it’s against has some damage to the toe rail. The boat on its mooring is a Shipmate and still on its side. It’s “unsinkable” and partially floats on each tide. The owner unsuccefully tried to right it on the tide yesterday and was going to attempt to get out across the mud to it today. I haven’t heard if he managed to do anything.