New Member Application

Thankyou for your interest in LHYC. During these difficult times of the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis, we will NOT be considering New Member Applications. You may apply, but you will go on a waiting list and will be contacted at a later date when normality returns.

Costs to You on Successful Application

Memership fees 2021

Membership TypeFullCountry (non boat)Cadet ( Under 18 yrs.)
Entrance Fee (Once only)£100.00£ 20.00£5.00
Annual Subsription£110.00£ 68.00£15.00

 A refundable deposit of £20.00 for club keys at time of issue. Any lost keys will be paid for by the member.
 You will be expected to attend in some mutual capacity at least two work party days per year. A surcharge of £25 will be added to your following years subscriptions for each of the two days not attended.
 You will be expected to abide by the LHYC Constitution, its rules and local bye-laws. Failure to comply will place your membership up for review.

Club Moorings

Allocation of a mooring is subject to availability. You will be informed if you are put on a waiting list as the moorings are limited in the creek. The Mooring Masters decision is final in recommendation to the committee on this matter.

All costs of moorings are provided by the club, but the upkeep and maintenance of particular moorings are the responsibility of the member in residence. An annual rental charge of £35.00 is levied by LHYC.

In addition to the club charges Peel Ports invoke a mooring charge per boat, regardless of length or type. The Treasurer of the LHYC will debit you at the current rate and forward payments to Peel Ports. This is charged at joining and / or annual renewal time.

Boats over 35 feet or 9.5 tons cannot be accommodated on club moorings, craneage or storage.

Conservancy Charge

Licenses are available and paid for through the club and forwarded to the Peel Ports of Sheerness. This is a charge levied on all pleasure craft using and mooring on the Medway and Swale rivers. The levy is determined annually by Peel Ports at the prevailing rate. These licenses are issued by the club treasurer on request while stocks last. (Cost is dependant at date of application)

Port of Sheerness ( Peel Ports) Moorings

Lower Halstow Yacht Club has no involvement with either the costs or the charges for the laying or maintenance of private moorings allocated by Peel Ports. Individual members are responsible for their own settlement and billing.

Lift out/in & Storage Ashore

Members must complete a storage ashore application form which must be presented to the club Yard Master along with all lift/storage fees. This form can be found on the club web site; with all lift and storage instructions plus fees appropriate for your boat. Standard storage ashore is limited to 26 weeks and we discourage long term projects ashore.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Please note that it is a requirement of Peel Ports and Lower Halstow Yacht Club to have a minimum of third party insurance valid on your craft with public liability.

Community Amateur Sports Club

Lower Halstow Yacht Club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club which means we have to comply with various rules imposed by HMRC. One rule obliges members to participate in club activities at least 12 times per year (proportionate to membership period in first year). Applicable activities may be, but not restricted to, competing in club races, attending work parties, helping with boat lifts and taking your boat out on a trip.

You will be asked to tick a box on your annual renewal form to show you have participated in at least 12 activities during the previous year. This will allow the club to show HMRC, if asked, that at least 50% of members have met this requirement.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact either the Hon. Secretary or the Membership Secretary, whom jointly administer new membership.

LHYC Hon. Secretary Mr Graham Osborne Tel: 01634 324517

LHYC Website and Membership administration Dave Metcalfe Tel: 07777 644795