Merry Christmas

With the end of the year approaching, we will very shortly be sending out Membership Renewal Reminders. Once again you will get a personalised email with the charges appropriate to your membership and a link to a renewal form on the website. The online form keeps our records compliant with GDPR, CASC, up to date and consistent. It also saves a lot of work for those of us looking after the membership administration, as any paper forms submitted then have to be manually input into the same system.

You will notice an increase in the amount payable from last year. The club fees have once again been kept with no increase. However, Peel Ports changed their accounting period during 2019, which meant that last year we only paid for 9 months of the Peel Ports section of the mooring fee and the Conservancy Charge. This year we are back to paying a full 12 months fee to Peel Ports, plus an annual RPI increase of 2.5%.

We do not include the Peel Ports Conservancy Fee in your bill as it is not part of your membership. However, we are again able to supply it on behalf of Peel Ports at a reduced rate. The club passes on the full discount to members, where some clubs keep it as an admin charge. There is a section on the renewal form to purchase the Conservancy Disk .

Occasionally errors creep in, so if you spot we have charged too much, or not enough, please let us know.

You will need to login to the website to complete the form. If you have forgotten your password, the “Lost your Password” link at the bottom of the page is now working correctly. The previous problem caused by a caching issue has now been resolved. However, there may be issues with the reset email sent to you not arriving. This regularly happens with Gmail and may affect some other service providers. Gmail treats these emails as Spam and will put it in your online Spam Folder. If you go to your Spam Folder and mark it as Not Spam you can continue to reset your password. If you have any problems I can do a password reset for you, email me at

Now I have given you the bad news about your membership renewal coming soon, I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hopefully lots of boating to look forward to.

Dave M

Ps. I almost forgot. Many of our longer term members will remember Dick Cole, a member of many years, past editor of Up the Creek and now a Honorary Member. Dick has recently been in touch and asked that I pass on Seasons Greetings to all at LHYC from him.