Membership Database

We are now using a database incorporated into the club website to securely store members details. This is every detail the club holds including your personal details i.e. Name, address, boat details, mooring checks, payments to the club etc.

You can see all the details we are holding about you by logging on to the website and on the left hand side of the screen Site Menu an additional block of links appear. My Membership Details will take you to your record.

Some details are editable, like change of address, phone number etc. There is an option to display your contact details to other logged in members. This is particularly useful if another member spots a problem with your boat.

The option to opt out of receiving Up the Creek by post and just receiving it by email is there now.

If you have a DSC radio you can add your mmsi number and it will automatically appear in the mmsi list with your name and boat name.

Much of the data contained in the database comes from your membership renewal form (or Application form). For those that used the online form the records will have been a direct import of your form. Those that used the paper form, it will have been manually input from what you supplied, and in some cases the forms were far from complete.

Please take the time to check your data, and update anything that has changed, in particular if you have changed boats. Some records do not show boat names, please check that, and correct it if applicable.