Lift in thanks

Coming ashore of bobbin daze Sunday 27june


Hi,all that helped,if I name individuals, I’ll forget some one!

So I’d like,to say a massive,thank you ,for the truly appreciated,

Help and support, you all gave me,demonstrating the true ethos of the club.

I’d like to explain,I love my boating/fishing and the sea .(had my first boat when I was 11)

Bobbing daze had been on her mooring, without coming ashore, for perhaps 2years,

Not through neglect, but when I lost my wife,I couldn’t process the loss (my autism makes it worse).

Bringing her ashore was a big emotional experience for me,

Thank you all so much,what a great example of support from a truly great number of dedicated club members.

And of course look forward to chatting in the future

Paul Brabin.