Memership fees 2021

Membership TypeFullCountry (non boat)Cadet ( Under 18 yrs.)
Entrance Fee (Once only)£100.00£ 20.00£5.00
Annual Subsription£110.00£ 68.00£15.00

Mooring Fees 2021

Club moorings are licensed by Peel Ports. The fee imposed by Peel Ports is collected with the Club Mooring Fee.

Following the changes to Peel Ports accounting period in 2019, we return to paying for the full 12 month period from 1st January to 31st December.
Club MooringPeel Ports Mooring Fee
(Full 12 month fee)

Peel Ports Concervancy Charge 2021

The club sells the Conservancy Discs on behalf of Peel Ports and is given a 15% discount on the base price before VAT. The club passes on the entire discount to members.
Standard Conservancy Charge incl VATDiscounted rate for LHYC members incl VAT

Day Boats - Stored Ashore, Launched From Their Own Trailer

16' TO 20' OR 6.09 MTRS20'1” TO 25' OR 6.1 TO 7.6 MTRS
£1.70 per week (£84.40 per year)£2.25 per week (£117.00 per year)

Additional Dinghies / Kayaks

Full Members are entitled to 1 Tender / Kayak stored on the dinghy rack free of charge.
Additional dinghies under 16ft stored in the yard.£50

Storage Ashore and Lift out/in Fees

The charges shown are the standard rate per week for a maximum of 26 weeks ashore within any 12 months. Any storage ashore above 26 weeks in the storage year will be charged at 4 times the std. rate for the first four weeks & then 10 times the std. rate per week until the vessel is returned to the water.
Boat LOAWeekly Storage Fee (Max 26 weeks)
UP TO 20` OR 6.09 MTRS£1.70
20`1” TO 25` OR 6.1 TO 7.6 MTRS£2.25
25` 1” TO 30` OR 7.61 TO 9.1 MTRS£2.75
OVER 30` OR 9.1 MTRS to max 35ft£3.20
Boat moved by tractor/cradle ( covers BOTH lifts)£100