Jetty repaired

Battling against the wind, 5 of us repaired the damaged jetty today. The water and electricity still need repairing, but the hammer head and landing stages are now safe.


2 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    Well done them sailors, whoops I mean jetty fixers! Great job I wonder if any new member might fix the electric and plumbing?
    Who do yer fink?

    • Admin Admin says:

      Hi Keith, the electrics were disconnected recently due to water getting in during one of the recent storms. I believe Jim Jupp has ordered new parts to fix it along with 2 sockets at the top of the yard. The water pipe was melted in the fire and needs a short section replaced. There is probably enough connectors in the store. We need to get a stop cock for the shore end as it broke when being turned off. It was planned for the work party, but no reason why it couldn’t be done before.