Home made copper coat Antifoul

Ken M has given the site his special recepie:-
Code Product
ha5285 Hempinol Black Bitumen Varnish 4L.
– cheap skate I am
look at MarineStore, North Street, Maildon: Essex (Chandlery@marinestore.co.uk)
Code Product
ha5285 Hempinol Black Bitumen Varnish 4L.
– (delivery free if exceeds of £100) – maybe if enough people want, it may prove feasible for someone to order, you can get foc delivery. Cost for a 4L tin for @ £21.99
can dilute with cheap white spirit, however it is a thin coat hence name suggests “varnish” as opposed to using commercial antifoul which we all know is excessive cost.
4 litre tin does 2 coats on my boat, I add Copper powder to 2nd coat ~ 500g stirred into this final coat. I get this from ebay @ ~£13.00 inc delivery.
I find it gives good protection to hull, keels etc.
I find if there is any barnacles or weed at end of season this falls off readily with a quick pressure wash.

I have used this brand for 5-8 yrs find it does job!
Preparation is everything as always.


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  1. Ken. As we are newbies and having just antifouled Bumblee with this method. The question is does one have to re antifoul each season or does this method last longer. When power washed does the antifoul come off after one season? thank you Sharon Evans