GridLink Interconnector Cable to pass along the Medway

We have received the email below regarding the proposed GridLink Interconnector cable between the UK and France. The Marine Consultants, Intertek are asking for any questions or concerns we may have in advance of their application for a Marine Licence to the Marine Management Organisation. I have already emailed asking if they have proposed dates for the Medway section and details of exclusion zones that are likely to affect us.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

GridLink Interconnector Limited (GridLink) is proposing to develop an electricity interconnector linking the existing electricity grids in the UK and France.  The GridLink project will consist of two converter stations, one close to the existing National Grid 400kv substation at Kingsnorth, Kent (UK) and one close to the existing RTE substation at Warande in the Nord region of France.  The converter stations will be connected by underground cables (onshore) and subsea cables (offshore).

The subsea cable will travel from Kingsnorth down the Medway Estuary, through the Thames Estuary, along the north Kent coast around Margate and across the Southern North Sea up to the UK/France median line.  The cable will then cross into French territorial waters, making landfall at Dunkerque in the Nord region of France.  The subsea cable route is approximately 140km long.  A map showing the proposed route is attached for information (P2258-PSR-008), with an additional map showing the subsea cable route through the Medway Estuary also attached(P2258-PSR-001).     

Intertek has been appointed by GridLink as Marine Consultants to support the development of the project.  GridLink is intending to submit an application for a Marine Licence (to the Marine Management Organisation) for the construction, operation and maintenance of a new electricity interconnector under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, in May 2020.  In support of the Marine Licence application, GridLink will provide environmental information and an assessment of potential environmental effects.  For example, the application will demonstrate that due consideration has been given to navigational safety, the historic environment, effects on nature conservation sites (e.g. marine protected areas) and effects on other marine stakeholders (e.g. recreation and fishing).

Intertek is currently preparing an Environmental Report to support the Marine Licence application.  This will provide a baseline for each environmental topic; describe the likely effects of the proposed development on each topic, including identifying those that are potentially significant; and if necessary outline project-specific mitigation to be followed to avoid or negate adverse effects.

Stakeholders and the public will have the opportunity to review and comment on the Marine Licence application through a consultation exercise once the application is submitted. However, Intertek would like to ensure that the application documents address any concerns that stakeholders have prior to this consultation process.

Your organisation has been identified through an internet search as adjacent to the proposed subsea cable route.  We would therefore welcome any questions and/or concerns you have regarding the project for consideration in the preparation of the Environmental Report.    

Further information on the GridLink project can be found in the attached Non-Technical Summary.

Comments can be provided by letter or email to the following address

Anna Farley, Intertek, Exchange House Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7DW


Tel: 01428 727800

We look forward to receiving your comments.

Your sincerely

Anna Farley

Intertek Project Manager

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