French government announces a process to allow entry to cruisers at any French port

It looks as though the Cruising Association has succeeded in undoing one of the barriers that Brexit, Bozo and his negotiators put in our way of continuing to visit our favourite cruising destinations. The following has appeared on Facebook and looks like good news for those of us that enjoy the delights of Gravelines and other French ports. For those with Facebook there’s more detail in the comments

French government announces a process to allow entry to cruisers at any French port

The Cruising Association, through its local representatives, has helped to make cruising to France easier, post-Brexit.

Since leaving the EU, boats arriving in France from the UK or Channel Islands are required to sail to one of a small number of “Ports of Entry” (mainly the ferry ports) and search out the relevant authorities – usually the Police aux Frontières – to register the arrival of their boat and crew.

This same process of going through a Port of Entry would also be necessary before departing France for the UK or Channel Islands (or indeed any non-Schengen country), presenting CA members, and other sailors coming from the UK to France, with a potential problem for many passages.

Two of the Cruising Association’s Honorary Local Representatives (HLRs) have been aware of this extra challenge to cruising for some time and have been working with the local marinas, the marina associations and local officials to try and simplify it.

Now, as a direct result of their efforts, the French government has announced a process to allow entry at any French port. A form is now available from web sites which can be downloaded, completed and submitted by email to the local administrative Port of Entry prior to arrival. Providing all is acceptable, boats may then enter another port. This is already underway for Le Havre and other ports will follow on rapidly.

This is a significant improvement and removes a major hurdle for boats visiting France; something CA members and other boat owners will value.


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  1. Mick says:

    Brilliant! At last some common sense.