Easing of lockdown and launching boats

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday evening it appears that sailing and boating along with traveling any distance for exercise has become an acceptable activity. It is now acceptable to work on your boat as long as social distancing is strictly observed. We are now in possession of a document issued by the RYA – Club Guidance on restarting boating activity and managing Covid-19. The committee is currently looking at various options to enable us to launch boats. One of the key points is that the club Forms a Covid-19 team to make decisions related to activities, operations, implementing Covid-19 guidelines. We only received this information on Tuesday evening, so things will no doubt change and evolve over coming days.

As you are all aware the restrictions are eased as of Wednesday 13th May and it will take time to implement all the necessary changes. If visiting the club, please ensure you maintain the 2m social distancing at all times. Do not attend the club if you are unwell. The club house is out of bounds until further notice and the combination will be changed to prevent unauthorised access, it appears some members have continued to access the hut. The old bosuns store toilet will be available for use. The club will attempt to source hand sanitizer, but please bring your own. It is advisable to wear gloves or sanitize your hands when opening and closing the main gate and touching other communal areas.

Self Launching Boats

When self launching dinghies, kayaks etc ensure social distancing is maintained. Before setting out ensure you are doing so safely and you will not be putting additional strain on the emergency services.

Launching of boats store ashore

Previously the committee had already made the decision that there would be no storage charges while boats remain ashore due to the Covid-19 virus. Some members have already expressed a wish to remain ashore for the whole season. The committee has decided that there will be no storage charges until the end of October. With standard charges commencing from the 1st November at the standard rate for a maximum of 26 weeks. In excess of 26 weeks the normal rules apply. 

It is looking likely that to maintain social distancing there will be a small lift team that will be responsible for the lift and all other members will be expected to keep clear of the lift area to maintain social distancing. Further details to follow.

Assuming we can have safe working practices in place, there is a period of suitable tides between the 3rd and 8th June. Subject to availability of suitable people there is the possibility that lifts may take advantage of the night tides as well. To enable planning we would like to know as soon as possible which boats will be staying ashore for the summer season and for those going in, any days that you are unable to attend to get your boat to its mooring. It must be appreciated that boats not launching may have to be moved to allow others to be launched.

Please also be aware that moorings must be checked and reported to the mooring master. Social distancing on the mooring raft will not be possible with more than one person from different households.

Please Reply to this email to indicate if you wish to launch or stay ashore and any preferred dates.


LHYC Committee