Covid 19 – Important Information For Members

With the situation changing daily, and lift in rapidly approaching, we, the committee felt that we should pass on our thoughts on how the virus will affect activities at the club. Obviously we won’t go against any rules imposed by the Government, but with our activities mainly being in the fresh air, and whilst all restrictions are recommended, rather than enforced, on the whole and with care we can continue to prepare our boats for launch and continue with lift in.

We all obviously need to be far more careful how we interact with other members keeping the recommended distance apart. The biggest danger area is the club hut. We need to avoid the usual social tea or lunch gatherings. Cups should be washed in hot (water heater is turned on under sink in old kitchen) soapy water and whilst not the tidiest, rather than using the communal tea towel, leave cups to drain. The alternative option is to take your own cup in and take it away with you afterwards. It is probably safest to limit to one or two people in the kitchen at any time. There is plenty of space to spread out in main hut.

With the shortages in the shops the club will have difficulties in providing hand sanitiser and other cleaning materials, so we would recommend, particularly if you are in the high risk group, you bring your own.

Whilst we should be able to keep soap available on the handbasin in the toilet, it may be safest if you take your own hand towel in with you. Obviously, the club does not have the means to sanitise door handles etc on a regular basis. We recommend members either wear gloves or bring your own cleaning / sanitising materials. With the shortage of toilet paper it may be necessary to provide your own paper.

Assuming we get as far as launching our boats, we will have to be cautious of maintaining a safe distance from each other. Work gloves should be worn.

In the event of enforced isolation or isolation due to illness, the committee has decided that additional storage ashore fees will be waived. Boats delayed ashore will be required to return to the water at the earliest possible opportunity that health and any restriction permits.

Boats will only be returned to the water if the owner or their representative is present and there to assist. Boats delayed ashore may have to be moved to allow others to be launched.

Members are requested to keep the Yard Master informed at the earliest opportunity if a lift in is going to have to be cancelled due to health or enforced restriction.

Looking a little further ahead, we will more than likely cancel the Work Party Weekend, currently scheduled for the 16th and 17th May. We will assess the situation nearer the time, as with any other planned activities.

Finally, all of us need to look after our own, our families and each other’s health. If coming to the club, please take every precaution to prevent cross contamination.

Sent On behalf of the Committee