Club Fridge

Many of you will know that Michael Griffin keeps the hut clean and tidy for us all, as well as keeping the hut stocked with consumables. He contacted me yesterday as he had visited the club whilst taking his daily exercise. He decided to do some cleaning whilst there and discovered the fridge in the disgusting state, as you can see in the picture.

The fridge was covered in rotten milk. Someone else had obviously also noticed it and had put containers of rotten milk in the bin. Mike spent a considerable amount of time cleaning this up.

Please, if you find spilt milk in the fridge, mop it up before it gets to this state. In fact with the club facilities hardly being used during the current crisis, please do not leave milk in the fridge, take it home again. This will also prevent the chance of any virus being passed on the bottle.

As mentioned above, there were bottles of rotten milk in the bin. If you find rotten milk in the fridge, please empty the container over the seawall.

Please remember that we do not have a rubbish collection from the club. Mike normally empties the bin, but with the current situation, please take all your rubbish home.