Boat Lift Outs and Storage Ashore – Oct / Nov 2020

Following a short rather strange season, we need to plan bringing boats ashore for the winter. Owners of those boats still ashore also need to plan their proposed lift in date. The clubs free storage ashore period due to the Covid-19 pandemic ends on 30th September 2020. ALL boats ashore and those wishing to come ashore must return a Storage Ashore form to the Yardmaster with the appropriate payment.

Note. Boats that had already paid for lift in for the Spring of 2020 and have remained ashore will not be charged again for the lift fee. Standard fees will apply to all other boats.

The dates shown in the table have been selected for the height of tide and to provide reasonable daylight hours to move boats after the tide has retreated. There are probably more dates listed than required. Please select your preferred date and indicate it on your lift form. It may be necessary to rearrange and cancel some dates to make more efficient use of resources.

We are still in a very difficult time still with the covid 19 restrictions so would advise you to visit the web-site :- LHYC Covid-19 Guidelines to see guidance from the committee put together from the Govt. and RYA. At the time of writing this message we are awaiting a new statement from the Government on 22nd September that may have an impact on our operations. We will assess any new guidelines / rules in the coming days.

Currently 6 people can meet, so with a bit of common sense we can maintain social distancing and operate relatively normally.

The main club hut is quarantined and access push button pad number changed.

The oar store has a toilet, wash hand basin, soap etc. for members use. PLEASE bring your own wipes/kitchen towel for hand drying/sanitising. Bring a carrier so you can take all personal items home with you. PLEASE DO NOT dispose of down the toilet as we have a cess pit.

Drivers decision on the days operation is final unless responsibility delegated. Lift order/placement to be decided on the day.

The Lift Schedule will be updated and can be accessed from the Storage Ashore – Lift Schedule on the Members Menu in the Left hand column of the website.

Please direct all enquiries to

Lift Schedule

OctoberWed145.3Beryl (W)JessTread softly
Thu155.7susie q (w)
Fri165.9misty rosepyewacketazureum (w)
Sat176.1johnny 5 (w)
Wed4jeddojohn hillmarie louiseEnlivensilver fox (w)
5wheatear (w)
NovFri13GL5.7Micawber (W)April Rosecolanna
Sat14DM6molly coddle (w)miss poppylady of leisureOlive
Sun15JK6.1Grim Reaper (W)Inkonk
Mon16GL6.2gloria (w)Bumblebee
Wed18LN6Broadsword (W)RhiannonCatherine 2
UpdatedUpdated 10/11/2020

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  1. Paul Mcdonald says:

    Can’t see misty rose on for the 16th, can you confirm that she is booked in?