Blackwater weekend 27-30 Sep 2018

Another short notice trip originally to go to France, but the weather forecast made the East Coast more attractive. 5 boats set off meeting up in Pyefleet creek Thursday night after experiencing an amazing sun set. With one member wishing to rest up an injury sustained the day before leaving, the other four set off for Heybridge Basin on Friday. After locking in we were shown the gap allocated for us that was physically not big enough to take us. After turning Lethera and Aragorn around we were able to squeeze Jeddo and Daydream in, overlapping bow to bow. After a meal in the Jolly Sailor Friday night, and a 6.5 mile round walk to Maldon and back we returned to Pyefleet Saturday night and returned to Lower Halstow on Sunday. A really enjoyable weekend towards the end of the season.