An email from our Landlord

We have received an email from our landlord, Liz Mouland. She is asking us to remind members that the adjoining farm land to the club is private and there is no right of way along the seawall or foreshore. She mentions people they have found on their land recently and although they don’t appear to be club members, some have said they were told by club members that it was ok to walk there. I, like Liz, doubt that members have given permission, but to protect our own property and that of our landlords, can I please ask you to challenge anyone on the club site that does not appear to belong.

It also goes without saying, that members should also not go beyond our Heras fencing at the Northern end of the yard.


“We have had a few men, either alone or in pairs, walking along the sea wall and one chap fishing just off the concrete pipes.

Sometimes they say someone from the yacht club told them that it was ok to walk there and sometimes they say they didn’t see the sign on the yacht club gate. I don’t really believe either excuse.

Given the amount of people out and about during lockdown we are actually pleasantly surprised at how few people we have had trespassing. However, we do like to ‘nip it in the bud’ and so it could help us if members are reminded. Many thanks.