A message from the Yardmasters Assistant – Club yard maintenance

Hi all, a few points to raise for the benefit of all members particularly at this time for those with boats wintering ashore.

It is apparent that Covid 19 has had a dramatic effect on the running of the yard by volunteer members so we have to remind everyone that as a self- help club everyone has a responsibility for its upkeep especially in and around your boat.

We need to  foster good housekeeping with personal equipment to ensure it is taken home if not in use, excess supports returned to stacks around the yard ready for the 28 plus expected to lift out plus of course the 16 already in place.

It is important those already ashore due to Covid-19 complete the storage ashore form and return to the yard master Lawrence.

For newer members with boats coming ashore it’s important to stress the need for you to provide your own secure supports if your boat cannot stand unaided e.g  fin or long keel. It is important that all supports are braced, chained and or pegged in to the ground so they can not shake loose in strong winds. We advise against using the club Heras blocks other than as singles, and are not to be stacked to support. Use railway sleepers/barrels instead. When you are lifted out and placed  in the yard you will need to personally be happy with your supports as your insurance company may decline a claim if they consider the supports are inadequate.

Linked with the general controls in the yard by members please be reminded we do not have disposal facilities so rubbish, old oil, surplus pots and pans, refurb materials, need to be taken off site. If you have something that you think the club may like to receive as a ‘donation’ please ask a committee member to raise at the next meeting before leaving on site.

We currently have no membership vacancies and many new members have trailer boats. I would ask that ALL ‘old’ trailers that will not be used under a boat ashore this winter are removed from site to allow paid storage boats to come ashore. If you have a special case for an unused trailer please contact the yard master.

Lastly, to keep operational costs as low as possible as well as the H&S issue with fire please disconnect the club power supply from your boats when  unattended.