Round the Island Race – 8th September 2019

Four boats lined up for the 08.00 start. Three Westerly Fulmars, Marie Louise, Broadsword and Jeddo and Leisure 17, Nelly May.

Jeddo took the lead all the way to Slaughterhouse point, when suddenly Broadsword found another gear and pulled away eventually disappearing while the rest of us were tacking backwards and forwards to get past Queenborough. Marie Louise and Jeddo were just past Long Point when Broadsword was heard talking to Kingsferry Bridge regarding the 09.50 bridge lift. 2 minutes later the bridge were calling to say there was a technical problem and couldn’t open. Next lift was 10.15. A quick discussion between Jeddo and Marie Louise and it was decided that with the very light conditions and potentially more problems with the bridge we should motor to the bridge ready for the 10.15 lift. Nelly May followed us to the bridge under motor. 10.15 arrived and another call from the bridge and still unable to lift. Next lift 10.50.

3rd time lucky and we were through the bridge. Broadsword quickly disappeared again leaving the other 3 boats to play cat and mouse in the very light conditions with Nelly May taking and loosing the lead on several occasions. Eventually past Harty the two Fulmars opened up a gap from the Leisure 17.

With Jeddo cutting Columbine Spit a bit closer in shallower water and then keeping to the Four Fathoms Channel while Marie Louise went looking for more tide further out. When Marie Louise came back in shore approaching Sheerness, Jeddo had gained about a 1 mile advantage. Then Broadsword appeared from further offshore about 5 mins ahead of Jeddo having lost the massive advantage gained in the Swale.

Broadsword led the way back to Stangate Creek with Jeddo finishing just 5 mins behind. Marie Louise retired and Nelly May came home about an hour later.


Over 25ft:-

1st Broadsword

2nd Jeddo

Under 25ft:-

1st Nelly May