Red Sands Race Sunday18th June 2017

With the hottest day of the year so far forecast, 6 boats assembled for the 07.30 start. The slight breeze gave the impression there was a chance of it building, but instead of strengthening it became patchy. Various tactical manoeuvres to try to get to the ripples on the water kept most of the fleet fairly close together with April Rose somehow managing to gain a slight lead. On leaving Halstow Creek, Jeddo clocked 1.4Kts on the GPS. Only trouble was it was sideways on the ebb tide, but it closed the gap with April Rose until getting around Slaughter house Point and dumping and trapping Jeddo in a back eddy to watch the rest of the fleet drift past. About 2 1/2 hours after starting, we had all got out of Stangate Creek and somehow past the moored barges without drifting on to them. The tide slowly carried us along the River towards Sheerness. April Rose managed to maintain their slight advantage and when ripples on the water seemed to be working towards us were the first to get advantage from the breeze. Then it reached Marie Louise and Aragorn. Jeddo still sitting stationary near Queenborough Spit could only watch as the gap increased, but eventually a little amount of breeze filled the sails and a bit of steerage returned. Azurian and Nerides 3 weren’t as lucky and continued to drift in the Medway. Once clear of Garrison Point the breeze rose to about 13Kts and the battle was on to play catch up. Unfortunately by the time Arurian and Neriedes 3 escaped the Medway there was insufficient time for them to have any chance of completing the course, so retired. The rest of us continued on what was a fairly leisurely sail.

BoatPYCorrected timeStart timeFinish timeEllapsedPlace
MARIE LOUISE101610:16:0907:35:0018:01:0010:26:002nd
APRIL ROSE103610:20:4907:35:0018:18:1010:43:103rd
Weather mainly sunny variable mostly East 0-3
Did not finish