Notices to Mariners Week 52

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UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths – Two new soundings just east of the Sea Reach South PHB; one repeats an earlier sounding from NtM 1505 this year. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft. The image includes an obstruction the Yantlet Channel notified earlier in NtM 3853. At 10.7m unlikely to hinder leisure craft and not where we ought to be!
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Two additional new soundings on the South Cross Sand (off Lowestoft) to add the NtM 6137 last week.
3. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Buoy. – A new special buoy close to the Mid Falls PHB close to the SW heading TSS. NtM 5785 notified us of a similar special buoy mid-way between the Goodwin Knoll and the Mid Fall buoys so that is included in the same image. We can conclude that the special marks are related to the power cable (that’s if you look at the image on: Notices to Mariners ).
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Submarine power cables. – Two submarine power cables have been laid in parallel from East Anglia One Offshore Windfarm to Bawdsey.
5 ENGLAND – East Coast – Wrecks. Depth. – Two new wrecks on the west side of the Cross Sand (off Great Yarmouth). Not likely to hinder leisure craft at 13+m.
6. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – A ‘cluster’ of 4 new soundings just east of the Jetty at Chainrock SHB at Hole Haven, River Thames.
7. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Three new reductions of depth on the east side of the Holm Sand (off Lowestoft) altering the 5m contour. An additional sounding is included in the image vide NtM 6052 this year.
8. ENGLAND – East Coast – Buoyage. – Small movements in the outer buoys to the entrance to the Wisbech Channel in the Wash.
9. NETHERLANDS – Buoy. Submarine power cables. NM Block. – This notice has amendments for 4 charts covering Dutch waters east of Walcheren listing the submarine cables linking up the various Wind Farms north of Zeebrugge. The notice also provides two new UKHO blocks of that area.


1. RIVER MEDWAY – Gillingham Marina to Hoo Marina. – Hydrographic Survey of Gas Pipeline – ‘Northern Divers’ will be conducting a hydrographic survey of the River Medway between Gillingham Marina and Hoo Marina. The survey will be concentrated over the sub-sea gas pipeline running between the two locations. (See image in the Temporary list in the above quoted page) – Survey work will commence 15/12/2020 and is expected to be complete 18/12/2020. Multiple survey runs will be performed at slow speed using a RIB Callsign “Northern Divers Sea Rover” who will be monitoring VHF Channel 74 at all times. All work will be completed from the surface and across the mudflats at low water, NO diving will be undertaken.
Please be advised that during survey operations the vessel will be restricted in it’s ability to manoeuvre and other vessels are requested to be mindful of the nature of the works, reduce their wash when passing and maintain an appropriate safe distance.
Admiralty Charts : 1835 & 2482 refer. Further information can be obtained from Medway VTS on VHF Channel 74 (Callsign “Medway VTS”) or telephone 0151 949 6148 or 0151 949 6650.
2. RIVER MEDWAY UPPER REACHES – DISCONTINUATION OF NAVIGATION MARKS – As a result of a recent Trinity House inspection the following navigation marks have been deemed as superfluous to navigational requirements and will be discontinued with immediate effect. These are all small sundry marks in the Upper Reaches of the Medway. I suggest you see details in the Temporary list.
3. The River Great Ouse, South of King’s Lynn – Islington Pumping Station, Construction Works – the construction of a new drainage pumping station with an associated outfall commenced in Spring 2020 on the West Bank of the River Great Ouse at Islington, between the Smeeth Lode and Mill Basin outfalls, approximately 1000m north of the St Germans Bridge. Works to this and existing outfall structures nearby will continue until the Autumn of 2021. These works will involve operations on the riverbank and for a short distance out into the river with large plant and machinery. All river users, including swimmers and paddlers are to keep well clear of the construction site at all times as some of the works may be covered at high tide and unusual currents or eddies may be experienced. Warning signs will be displayed to the north & south of the works, and any temporary obstructions in the river will be marked by marker buoys. Some operations will require the use of Divers and additional warning signs and restrictions may be required.
A: Works on the construction of the new pumping station outfall will continue until August 2021.
B: Works on the Eau Brink Outfall will continue until June 2021
C: The existing Straight Mile outfall will be infilled and removed, with works commencing 4th Jan 2021 with completion due October 2021
For further information please contact Balfour Beatty Project Manager on 07967 578420.
4. Port of Wells -NEW BUOY POSITIONS – As a result of recent movement of the channel, buoy movement has taken place as follows; ENGLAND-EAST COAST-ENTRANCE TO WELLS -NEXT-THE-SEA – INNER CHANNEL – WITH EFFECT FROM: IMMEDIATE – “No.23” lighted buoy move to position Lat. 52° 58.000′ N Long. 000° 51.072′ E
5. Port of Wells – 
still dredging!

That is it.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary