Notices to Mariners Week 52

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 26 December 2019 – Chart 1828 – International Chart Series, England – South-East Coast, Dover to North Foreland. 1:37,500; Ramsgate. 1:5000
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – One small reduction of depth just to the NE of the No 14 Mouse Channel PHB. Not likely to hinder leisure craft.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wrecks. Depths. A ‘peppering’ of 8 reduced depths around the centre of the Sunk Inner Light. None should hinder leisure craft.


1. River Thames – NORTHFLEET HOPE – HALLS NORTHFLEET JETTY – BOLLARD INSTALLATION AND CONVEYOR WORKS – During the week beginning the 16th December works will commence at Halls Northfleet Jetty. A crane barge will be positioned alongside the jetty for the works which are expected to last for approximately 5 days. The works include the installation of new fenders and modifications to the new conveyor system. During lifting operations a ‘Proceed with Caution’ will be broadcasted by London VTS on VHF Channel 68.
2. River Thames – Update notice – GRAVESEND REACH – TILBURY2 MARINE WORKS – Work continues on the development of two new RoRo berths and a CMAT berth on the former Tilbury Power Station Jetty site. Marine Plant involved in these operations includes the 75m flat top barge NEPTUNE equipped with a 320T crawler crane and two transfer & storage barges. All barge movements will be carried out by either the multi-cat vessel SEADOG or SHAKEDOG, with the safety boat EOL1 in attendance. At times during the construction works the jetty lights will not be displayed as per published nautical charts. The eastern and western limits of the works will be marked by green aids to navigation at all times. Isolated structures will be marked individually. Charts will be updated on completion of the works. Throughout the works periods there will be requirements for vessels to ‘Proceed with Caution’ with this being broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channel 68 in conjunction with marine craft displaying International Code flags “Romeo Yankee”. All vessels involved with the works will maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF Channel 68.
3. River Thames – Update notice – LOWER THAMES CROSSING – TEMPORARY CONTROL ZONE & GROUND INVESTIGATION WORKS – Following completion of marine ground investigation works within the main navigation channel and within Higham Bight the temporary control zone has now been cancelled. Investigation works will continue on the north side of the river within the area shown below around Groyne No. 3 and continue until January 2020. A 50m exclusion zone will remain around each jack-up barge during the remaining works. Movements will be co-ordinated with London VTS on VHF Channel 68 around the slack water periods as required. Vessels must not enter the exclusion zones other than in an emergency or with the prior permission of London VTS.
Works will be suspended for approximately two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period with all jack-up barges being removed from the river to Denton Wharf during this time. See the full details in the Temporary List on my usual web page including images of this and all other notices: Notices to Mariners
4. RIVER MEDWAY – Gillingham Marina to Hoo Marina
. – Hydrographic Survey of Gas Pipeline – ‘Northern Divers’ will be conducting a hydrographic survey of the River Medway between Gillingham Marina and Hoo Marina. The survey will be concentrated over the sub-sea gas pipeline running between the two locations. Survey work will commence 16/12/2019 and is expected to be complete 19/12/2019. Multiple survey runs will be performed at slow speed using a RIB Callsign “Sea Rover” who will be monitoring VHF Channel 74 at all times. All work will be completed from the surface, NO diving will be undertaken. Please, be advised that during survey operations the vessel will be restricted in it’s ability to manoeuvre and other vessels are requested to be mindful of the nature of the works, reduce their wash when passing and maintain an appropriate safe distance. See the usual page – Temporary List for image of area.
5. Port of Wells dredging
6. Kings Lynn – Approaches to King’s Lynn – Discontinuance of Aids to Navigation – Mariners are advised that the following navigation buoys, which indicated historic approach channels to Kings Lynn, are to be discontinued: a: Seal Sand, North Cardinal light buoy, 52° 56’.000N 000°20’.000E b: Sunk, West Cardinal light buoy, 52° 56’.290N 000° 23’.400E. Works are scheduled to commence on or about Tuesday 17th December 2019. Mariners are requested to give the buoying vessel “St Edmund” a wide berth and pass at minimum speed whilst works to remove the buoys and associated moorings are being undertaken. For further information please contact King’s Lynn Harbour Radio or St Edmund on VHF 14.

That’s it for the year.


Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary