Notices to Mariners Week 50

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. Admiralty Charts to be published 19 December 2019 – Chart 1828 – International Chart Series, England – South-East Coast, Dover to North Foreland. 1:37,500
Ramsgate. 1:5,000 – Includes changes to depths from the latest British Government and Port of Ramsgate Surveys.

2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Legends. Signal station. – Four new Coast Watch Stations on the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts: Sheringham, Happisburgh, Winterton-on-sea and south of Lowestoft (a NCI base at Caister is already shown). – On the local news tonight, they declared that Happisburgh is the town likely and soonest to be lost to the sea!

3. FRANCE – North Coast – Depths. Wrecks. – Three reduced depths over wrecks and three reduced depths, all off the Dunkerque ports. Nothing drastic for us;

4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Light-beacon. Tide gauge. – NtM 5948 in week 47 notified the movement of mark DZ9 (and some others). This notice is deleting the ‘movement’ so whilst DZ9 has a new designation, it remains as was. I suspect a typo!

5. BELGIUM – Wave recorders. Buoyage. – Two new wave recorder buoys and associated two yellow buoys in the new Norther Wind Farm construction area. – where you are not supposed to be anyway!

6. ENGLAND – East Coast – Light-beacon. Light. – Light on the jetty off the yard at Mistley now has a beacon and light

7. East Coast Of England – Cork Hole – Experimental Unlighted Buoys – Two experimental emergency wreck marking unlighted buoys to be temporarily established, for approximately 6 months in the Cork Hole designated area. Characteristics: Pillar: Blue & Yellow Vertical Stripes: Yellow Upright Cross Topmark.
The word WRECK is exhibited Black on Yellow. “Mariners are advised that the unlighted buoys have no navigational significance” – well apart from not hitting them in the dark! You will have noted the Wreck buoys stored on Alert are covered. That is because (I was told) that the paint job is vulverable to UV. So perhaps this is a paint survey?


1. River Thames – LONG REACH LITTLEBROOK POWER STATION EXCLUSION ZONE – From 06:00 on Sunday 15th December 2019an exclusion zone will be established at Littlebrook Power Station for an explosive demolition event. The exclusion zone will extend approximately 400 metres into the river (see the image dispalying the zone in my usual page in the Temporary List). A Harbour Service Launch will be in attendance exhibiting blue flashing lights, call sign prefix ‘THAMES PATROL’ and monitoring VHF Channel 68. Police vessels may also be in attendance to assist with the enforcement of the exclusion zone. London VTS will co-ordinate commercial traffic movements accordingly, but delays may be experienced. The exclusion zone is expected to be lifted at 08:15 subject to the all clear signal being given by the demolition team on site. No vessel will be allowed to enter the exclusion zone at any time between 07:00 and the all clear signal being given.

2. RIVER MEDWAY –Gillingham Marina to Hoo Marina. – Hydrographic Survey of Gas Pipeline – ‘Northern Divers’ will be conducting a hydrographic survey of the River Medway between Gillingham Marina and Hoo Marina. The survey will be concentrated over the sub-sea gas pipeline running between the two locations. Survey work will commence 16/12/2019 and is expected to be complete 19/12/2019. Multiple survey runs will be performed at slow speed using a RIB Callsign “Sea Rover” who will be monitoring VHF Channel 74 at all times. All work will be completed from the surface, NO diving will be undertaken. Please, be advised that during survey operations the vessel will be restricted in it’s ability to manoeuvre and other vessels are requested to be mindful of the nature of the works, reduce their wash when passing and maintain an appropriate safe distance.

3. Dredging Operations – Burnham Yacht Harbour Marina Ltd will be undertaking their Annual Maintenance Dredging Operations in the approach to and within Burnham Yacht Harbour, Burnham on Crouch, Essex, between approximately 5th December 2019 and 31st May 2020. Dredging Operations will be carried out by Motor Vessel BEAVER. Caution should be taken when entering and leaving the Marina whilst Dredging Operations are in progress.

4. Raysand Middle Unlighted Buoy, River Crouch – the Raysand Middle unlighted Buoy is now back in its charted position: 51˚ 40.000’N 000˚ 59.000’E – Hooray!

5. Kings Lynn Harbour – work to install new inner lock gates will result in some temporary closure of Kings Lynn, Alexandra and Bentinck docks on the dates 4th to 10th December 2019. Riverside Quay is unaffected and will operate as normal.

6. Closure of ‘Catfield Dyke’ Hickling Broad – the Broads Authority will be dredging Catfield Dyke. Passage to all vessels will be closed for the duration of the works. All vessels are to consider this closure when route planning and when navigating the area. The works are planned to commence from Monday 13 January to Thursday 9 April 2020. Mariners with vessels in Catfield Dyke are encouraged to make route arrangements prior to the works starting. All equipment will be lit and signage will be in place to warn of the closure. The works will take place in the following approximate position: TG405217–X (easting) 640530: Y (northing) 321734 (Have a look on the image on my usual page). Vessels should ensure that the new position is taken into consideration for passage planning and when navigating in this are;

7. Blakeney Harbour – Mariners entering Blakeney Harbour should note that a new entrance channel has now opened up from Blakeney Bar into the harbour. The entrance channel now runs WEST of the Hjordis wreck beacon (and positioned N 52° 59.018’. E 000° 58.144’). The previous entrance channel, to the East of the Hjordis beacon, should no longer be used, due to considerable new siltation which has occurred across the entrance.

Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should now head ESE from Blakeney Bar (avoiding breaking water) directly to starboard Harbour Entrance buoy No. 3 (positioned N 52° 58.866’. E 000° 57.792’), and then follow the buoys into the harbour as previously.

Mariners should also note:

if entering the harbour for the first time, please contact Charlie Ward (01263-740377 or 07771597985) for up to date information relating to pilotage and swell conditions at the harbour entrance.
do not attempt entry more than 2.5hrs before HW to 2.5hrs after HW. Deep draft vessels should however seek advice regarding safe entry timing.
do not attempt entry at night until Spring 2020, when lit buoys will be positioned marking the new entrance channel.
Harbour Entrance buoys No’s 1 and 2 should now be ignored. They will be removed as soon as conditions allow, and repositioned in Spring 2020.
Blakeney Fairway buoy still indicates safe water anchorage for vessels waiting to enter the harbour, but should not be used as a navigation mark for harbour entry. This buoy will also be re-positioned during Spring 2020.

8. London Array Offshore Wind Farm – Jack-up Vessel “Pacific Orca” Please be advised that the Pacific Orca, on behalf of Siemens Gamesa Renewables A/S, will be commencing component exchanges within the London Array windfarm from the 2nd December 2019 for approximately 2 weeks, weather dependent. Proposed works: London Array – Component Exchange

The Pacific Orca jack-up vessel is 161.3 meters long and 49.0 meters wide with a gross tonnage 24,586. It will jack at the following location within London Array to conduct component exchanges: WTG C07 –51° 34.837’N – 001° 29.876’EWTG J09 -51° 38.150’N – 001° 33.019’E. CO7 and JO9 are not alongside Foulger’s Gat but as the ‘avenue’ leading to Foulger’s is between rows A and B, some movements to and from CO7 could well involve that part of the avenue. Call up on Ch 16. I like the beam – coo!

9. No news about Port of Wells!

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary