Notices to Mariners Week 50

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UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Six new reduced depths in and around the Holm Channel off Great Yarmouth. We have had two previous NtMs this year, vide No 716 and 2558. All changes included in the one image.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Measuring instruments. – Earlier this year we were notified of sea-bed instruments with and without marking yellow buoys in and around the River Blackwater. This notice is deleting three of six yellow buoys and associated sea-bed equipment.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. – This notice is adding an obstruction at 20+m close SW of the Barley south cardinal buoy marking the Cross Sand off Great Yarmouth. There have been some revised depths earlier this year vide NtM 3505 and the move of the Barley buoy so the image includes all changes.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstructions. – A series of new obstructions on the edge of the Cant (south-east side of the Medway Approach Channel) ranging from 3.3m to 4.1m. the image includes an earlier reduction of depth in the Approach Channel vide NtM 1054 this year (that I am sure will have the depth restored in the Approach Channel by the current dredging which is reported in the Local list).

Local – the Thread is too long to accept I have had to edit so full details in the Temporary List on my web page.

1. GRAVESEND REACH – COALHOUSE POINT – SURVEY OPERATIONS – On or around 30th November 2020, survey operations will take place on two gas pipelines located between Coalhouse Point and Shornmead Fort at the eastern end of Gravesend Reach. Survey works are expected to be completed by 2nd December 2020. The survey area is indicated in the chartlet in the usual page on my web site. Survey vessel EGS WATCHFUL will undertake operations involving towage of survey equipment up to 25m astern of the vessel. Additionally, as part of a cathodic protection survey, the EGS WATCHFUL will stream a wire across the width of the river to coincide with high and low tides. The wire will sink to the riverbed allowing passage, however to facilitate the streaming operation, vessels may be subject to traffic management by London VTS who will aim to minimise impact to river users.
2. CHRISTMAS DRINK & DRUGS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN – Had to edit to save characters. Loads of advice.
3. Medway Approach Channel – 2020 Dredging Campaign – dredging operations are due to commence on or around December 1st in the Medway Approach Channel. The campaign is expected to last for three days focussing on the area highlighted below and will be carried out by the trailing suction hopper dredger “Lelystad”. “Lelystad” will display the required signals for respective operations by day and night and will maintain a listening watch on VHF channel 74 at all times. When dredging the Lelystad will be restricted in her ability to manoeuvre, all passing vessels are requested to navigate with caution.
4. River Medway Upper Navigation – Allington Lock Closure – Allington lock will be closed from mid November 2020 through to March 2021, for further details on the schedule of work please use the link below.
5. THE SWALE – FERRY REACH – KINGSFERRY BRIDGE MAINTENANCE – Lifting Restrictions 26th November to 3rd December – Network Rail have informed Peel Ports about planned maintenance taking place on the Kingsferry Bridge from 26th November up to and including 3rd December 2020. The work will involve a 6 hour lockdown of all electrical power on all affected days and will cause disruption from approximately LW-3hrs to LW + 3hrs (see below). Between the times stated on the dates below bridge lifts will not be possible.
26.11.2020 – 6hr lockdown off all electrical power at engine rooms – Engine room Isolation between – 13:00 – 19:00
27.11.2020 – 6hr lockdown off all electrical power at engine rooms – Engine room Isolation between – 13:30 – 19:30
30.11.2020 – 6hr lockdown off all electrical power at engine rooms – Engine room Isolation between – 14:50 – 22:30
01.12.2020 – 6hr lockdown off all electrical power at engine rooms – Engine room Isolation between – 16:30 – 22:30
02.12.2020 – 6hr lockdown off all electrical power at engine rooms – Engine room Isolation between – 17:30 – 23:30
03.12.2020 – 6hr lockdown off all electrical power at engine rooms – Engine room Isolation between – 18:00 – 00:00
6. Ipswich – Temporary Lock Closure for Essential Maintenance – due to essential works on behalf of ABP, Ipswich Lock will be closed from Sunday 6th December 0600hrs until Monday 14th December 0600hrs. During these works we are unable to permit any transit through the lock. There is a possibility that works could be completed earlier than expected, please contact Orwell Navigation Service on VHF Ch 68 for the latest information.
7. SOUTH EAST COAST OF ENGLAND – GULL STREAM – N.W. GOODWIN LIGHTED BUOY – Amendment : Moved to Latitude 51° 16.740’N., Longitude 001° 28.400’E. Movement effected consequent upon a recent survey. No further notice will be given. (This is a small move to the west).
8. Outer Crouch No 3 Lighted Buoy, River Crouch – NAVIGATION – Mariners are advised that Outer Crouch No 3 Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51° 38.103’N 000° 57.843’E is unlit.
9. LOWESTOFT – PORT APPROACHES – KIRKLEY SECTOR LIGHT RE-ALIGNMENT – on 24th November, Kirkley Sector light, position 52° 27.71’N, 001° 44.54’E, will have the light characteristics changed, with amended sectors as detailed below and shown in the diagram (which is included in the Temporary list on: Notices to Mariners :-
Oc G 10s 222˚-225˚ (3˚)
Fl G 2.5s 225˚-226˚ (1˚)
Fl W 2.5s 226˚-227˚ (1˚)
Oc W 10s 227˚-229˚ (2˚)
Fl W 2.5s 229˚-230˚ (1˚)
Fl R 2.5s 230˚-231˚ (1˚)
Oc R 10s 231˚-232˚ (1˚)
The light re-alignment is to mark the area of shoaling as detailed in NTM No.43. To facilitate these changes the light is likely to be extinguished between approx. 09:00hrs and 12:00hrs 24th November. Mariners and port users are requested to navigate with caution in Lowestoft approaches during the period of light change. (I am tempted to comment that that is complicated! :unsure: )
10. Port of Wells is……….. dredging 😮
11. East Coast of England – Approaches to the Wash. – Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm Export Cables – Area of Export Cable Exposure at Seafloor -the most recent survey within the port jurisdictions of the export cables of the Race Bank OWF have indicated a single possible cable exposure at seafloor on the southern export cable at KP23.295. The possible cable exposure was identified in data collected in July 2020. The exposure was observed to be 5.8 m long and centred at the following position: Lat/Long (DMS): N 52° 59’ 46.766”, E 0° 22’ 45.063” – KLCB has established the following navigational buoys that is strategically placed along the cable route to mark the zone and enhance spatial awareness for mariners; Z9 buoy, position 52° 59’.735N 00° 22′.750E Fl (2) 6s.
12. Blakeney Harbour – Mariners entering Blakeney Harbour should note that first three Harbour Entrance buoys have been altered as follows:
HARBOUR ENTRANCE PORT NO. 1 – Lighted buoy FlR(1s). Can R. Marked 1. Position: N 52° 58.942’ E 000° 58.147’
HARBOUR ENTRANCE STARBOARD NO. 2 – Lighted buoy FlG(5s). Conical G. Marked 2. Position: N 52° 58.871’ E 000° 57.978’
HARBOUR ENTRANCE STARBOARD No. 3A – Permanently removed from service
Mariners planning to enter Blakeney Harbour for the first time should ensure that they telephone BHA ahead of entry for up to date pilotage information. Please phone either Charlie Ward or Neil Thompson – the mobile numbers are in the Notice in the Temporary list on the above quoted web page.

That is it. 👾

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary