Notices to Mariners Week 47

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UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wreck. Depth. – New submerged wreck on the north side of Great Yarmouth harbour entrance. – submerged wreck, with depth, 4.6, length 45m (!), width 9m, orientated 225º/45º (bows NE).
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Reduction of depth on the Bawdsey Bank. Worth avoiding as it has breaking seas in certain circumstances.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wreck. Depth. – A new ‘nasty’ wreck in the Copperas Channel. Well worth noting for all who use the Copperas Channel along the North Kent Coast. I wonder if that heralds that there has been a recent survey. But there are no other soundings announced so I assume the channel otherwise stays as previously drawn. The insert of the ‘new’ wreck is associated with the deletion of 0.3m depth to the SE. I deduce🤔 that there has been a new survey and sand has rolled away exposing the wreck. Well it’s just a scenario.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Light. Jetty. – A new (or extension) Jetty in King Lynn Haven.
5. FRANCE – North Coast – Buoy. Automatic Identification System. – A new ‘data collecting buoy (Ocean Data Acquisition System) of superbuoy size’ in the Binnen Ratel in the offshore banks off Dunkerque. With AIS.
6. ENGLAND – East Coast – Dolphins. Light. Legend. – Two new dolphins, one lit, one unlit on the north side of the Gravesend Reach, River Thames between the Sewage Works and Tilbury Fort.
7. ENGLAND – East Coast – NM Block. – New UKHO Block showing some changes for the Tilbury Jetties in Gravesend Reach (right next to the location of the previous Notice)
8. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depth. – One reduction of depth in the main channel in Gravesend Reach, River Thames off the Tilbury Power Station. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
9. ENGLAND – East Coast – Wreck. Depth. – A new wreck (unusually) in the Black Deep close to the DW line and within the Ship’s anchorage between Fisherman’s and Foulger’s Gat. At 20m unlikely to hinder leisure craft and not where we ought to be stopping!

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1. SEA REACH – DREDGING OPERATIONS – The programme of maintenance dredging continues in Sea Reach. The dredgers ‘MEUSE RIVER’ (115.8m LOA) and ‘DHAMRA’ (31m LOA) will be continuing to conduct Water Injection/Agitation Dredging on the ebb tide at a number of locations between London Gateway and Sea Reach 1 Buoys, as indicated in the chartlets below. The survey vessel ‘LIBERTAS’ will also be working in the area, in support of the operations. The MEUSE RIVER will be under the conduct of a PLA Pilot at all times whilst underway, and will be capable of re-positioning to facilitate navigation, provided sufficient notice is given. During dredging operations (on the ebb tide only), the positions of the MEUSE RIVER and DHAMRA will be included in the routine half-hourly broadcasts by London VTS. Whilst the MEUSE RIVER is undertaking dredging operations, all vessels intending to transit the area that require the use of the main Yantlet Channel must advise London VTS of their ETA at the MEUSE RIVER’s location, a minimum of 30 mins in advance, to ensure effective traffic management. Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channels 68 & 69.
2. Port of Wells – Dredging.
3. Approaches to King’s Lynn – Amendments to buoyage. Due to changes in the profile of the approach channel to King’s Lynn, the following amendments to buoyage will take place on or about 5th November 2020.
a) No. 10 light buoy to be moved approx. 60m x 035°(T) to 52° 52’.625N 00°21’.970E
b) No. 11 light buoy to be moved approx. 100m x 135°(T) to 52° 52’.430N 00°21’.955E
c) No. 12 light buoy to be moved approx. 130m x 045°(T) to 52° 52’.305N 00°22’.090E
d) No. 13 light buoy to be moved approx. 200m x 025°(T) to 52° 52’.270N 00°21’.875E
All the above works will be carried out by the buoying vessel St Edmund and all mariners are requested to pass at slow speed and give as wide a berth as is possible whilst works are being carried out. Contact the St Edmund on VHF Ch. 14 for further information. On my web site there is a link to downlaod an amended Kings Lynn chartlet shows the changes.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary