Notices to Mariners Week 45

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UKHO Pemanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 05 November 2020 – Chart 1975 England – East Coast, Thames Estuary, Northern Part. 1:50,000 – Note: On publication of this New Edition former Notice 5049(P)/20 and 5274(P)/20 is cancelled. This chart remains affected by Notices 778(T)/20 and 1906(T)/20. These Temporary notices were issued in weeks 7 and 13 respectively and reported the positioning of intertidal measuring equipment on the seabed and measuring surface buoys in and around the River Blackwater and it’s estuary (including the Ray Sand). This chart is one of the primary charts upon leisure charts are based
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – One reduction of depth on the shoal due east of Orford Ness. Clear of the overfalls, unlikely to hinder leisure craft unduly.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. – An ‘obstn’ just south of the lock entrance to Tilbury Docks is now removed.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Two reductions of depth on the North Shipwash sands.
5. ENGLAND – East Coast – Lights. – The two lights on Orchard Wharf, Bugsby Reach, River Thames (opposite the O2 Arena) are moved to the respective end of the Jetty.
6. ENGLAND – East Coast – Foul. – This Temporary Notice is in confirmation of Harwich Haven Authority NtM No 25; an anchor has been lost in the Bawdsey Ship Anchorage. – That will be a big one!
7. ENGLAND – East Coast – Buoy. – This notice is in confirmation of the Trinity House NtM No 18 notifying us of the move of the S. Holm cardinal buoy at the bottom of the Stanford Channel.

All are illlustrated at: Notices to Mariners


1. River Thames – BUGSBYS REACH – TRINITY JUBILEE PIER – PILE STRENGTHENING WORKS – On or about 26th October 2020 GPS Marine will undertake pile strengthening works on Trinity Jubilee Pier, which are anticipated to take approximately five days. The chartlet which can be found in the Temporary list in the above quoted web page depicts the location and marine footprint of the works. The works will be undertaken from the crane barge GPS BOXER which will take up position inside both the upper and lower ends of the pier during the works. The safety boat FELLUCA will be in attendance during the works. London VTS will broadcast requests for vessels to “proceed with caution” or “proceed at slow speed”, as described in Permanent Notices to Mariners 4 of 2014 as required by the works. International Code Flags “Romeo Yankee” will be displayed when this is in effect. Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channel 14 as required.
2. Harwich Harbour & Approaches – Seasonal Recreational Marks – On or after the 29th of October 2020 the following seasonal recreational marks will be withdrawn: Pennyhole, Cork Ledge Racing Mark, Armada Racing Mark, Fox’s, Cobbolds Point Buoy, Dovercourt Bay 6 Yellow Spherical Buoys, Shotley Horse, the Speed Limit Marker Buoy – Yellow Spherical Buoy and Beacon Hill – full description and position can be found in the Local List on the above quoted page. Harwich Shelf East Cardinal Buoy remains in position.
3. Medway Approaches – Obstructions South of the Secondary Channel – This notice replaces Medway NtoM 44 of 2020 issued 10th September 2020. – during a recent hydrographic survey a number of obstructions were identified to the south of the Medway Secondary Channel approximately 350m east of No.4A light buoy. The obstructions do not pose a risk to navigation, however, all information has been passed to the UK Hydrographic Office who will promulgate any information relating to new spot depths and required chart corrections via the UKHO weekly notices to mariners. A detailed chartlet is available in the Local list;
4. Ipswich – Temporary Lock Closure for Installation of New Lock Gates – Mariners and Port Users are advised that due to essential works on behalf of ABP, Ipswich Lock will be closed from Monday 9th November 0600hrs until Monday 23rd November 0600hrs. During these works we are unable to permit any transit through the lock. There is a possibility that works could be completed earlier than expected, please contact Orwell Navigation Service on VHF CH 68 for the latest information. NOTE THERE IS A PREVIOUS NOTICE NOTIFYING OF THE TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF THE LOCK GATES FOR WORK ON 5TH NOVEMBER. THIS IS STILL IN FORCE.
5. Change to Marked Channel Hickling Broad Leading to Catfield Dyke – Notice is hereby given that from 1 October 2020 the start of the dredged channel from Hickling Broad to Catfield Dyke will be marked with one yellow post (North) and one yellow buoy (South). Vessels wishing to navigate to Catfield Dyke must turn between the yellow markers to remain in the channel. The leading marks which no longer showed the dredged channel have been removed. A useful chartlet can be seen in the Local list.
6. Port of Well – Dredging
Removal of Power Cables, River Roach, Rochford – the works to remove the three redundant 33kV electricity cables in the River Roach at Rochford has now been completed.

London Array is reporting that the Dive Support Vessel: MV C Odyssey is conducting dive operations on the Wind Farm and will havea 250m exclusion zone. But no details are available because I can’t find the Notice to Mariners and the London Array have just ignored me. 🤨

That’s it.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary