Notices to Mariners Week 43

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Lights. – River Thames – Deletion of 5 shore based lights between Shellhaven (Sea Reach) and Purfleet – possibly the most tedious emendation!
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. Drying height. – One reduction of depth in the Barrow Deep Anchorage and 5 reductions of depth along the Yantlet Flats in Sea Reach (River Thames) between the E. Bythe north cardinal and the W. Nore Sand.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – This one, small reduction of depth revises the previous reduction of depth in Week 37 vide NtM 4422 close to the jetty off Tilburyness, River Thames.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depth. – A preliminary notice advising a reduction of depth on the east side of the Long Sand Head. Continual gradual reductions in that area!
5. BELGIUM – NM Blocks. Submarine power cables. – 
Two UKHO blocks are issued for two charts each covering the new submarine power cable for the Belwind Wind Farm. Co-ordinates for a third chart, Chart 2449 is included in the Notice. One UKHO blocks is illustrated but both can be downloaded from the button. See also Notice 2578(P) in Week 21 which provides a chartlet giving an overview.


1. SEA REACH – DREDGING OPERATIONS – On or about 12th October 2020, a programme of maintenance dredging will commence in Sea Reach for a period of approximately 18 days. The dredgers ‘ARTEVELDE’ (97.5m LOA) and ‘DHAMRA’ (31m LOA) will be conducting Water Injection/Agitation Dredging on the ebb tide at a number of locations between London Gateway and Sea Reach 1 Buoys, as indicated in the chartlets (which you can download in the Temporary List on: Notices to Mariners) . The survey vessel GUARDIAN will also be working in the area, in support of the operations.
The ARTEVELDE will be under the conduct of a PLA Pilot at all times whilst underway, and will be capable of re-positioning to facilitate navigation, provided sufficient notice is given. During dredging operations (on the ebb tide only), the positions of the ARTEVELDE and DHAMRA will be included in the routine half-hourly broadcasts by London VTS. Whilst the ARTEVELDE is undertaking dredging operations, all vessels intending to transit the area that require the use of the main Yantlet Channel must advise London VTS of their ETA at the ARTEVELDE’s location, a minimum of 30 mins in advance, to ensure effective traffic management.
Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channels 68 & 69.
2. Ipswich – Temporary Lock Closure – due to essential works on behalf of ABP, Ipswich Lock will be closed for all vessels during the following period : Thursday 5th November from 0600hrs ~ 1400hrs.
There is a possibility that works could be completed earlier than expected, please contact Orwell Navigation Service on VHF CH 68 for the latest information.
3. Orwell Bridge Silt Trap Maintenance – commencing on or about Monday 19th October 2020, maintenance will be carried out on the Orwell Bridge Silt traps.
A small barge ‘Haven Seajack 2’ will be in attendance with two work boats alongside piers 9 and 10 ( Navigation Channel) in order to empty the silt traps. They will also be working at Pier 15 during High water (Outside Navigation Channel).
These works are scheduled to last approximately 3 days and will be carried out during daylight hours. Please contact Orwell Navigation Service for latest information on VHF CH 68.
4. Port of Wells – Dredging.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary