Notices to Mariners Week 34-38

Apologies, catch up time after an extended holiday.

Week 38

UKHO/Trinity House Permanent Notices:

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. – New obstn at the East Tongue Sand Tower (where there are already several).
2. East Coast Of England – Approaches to Great Yarmouth – Holm Sand – N.W. Holm Lighted Buoy – A significant move south for the NW Holm PHB in the Corton Road, north of Lowestoft.


1. Port of Wells – Dredging
2. River Thurne – Meadow Dyke Closure – the Broads Authority will be dredging on Horsey Mere. River passage will be closed for the duration of the works from 01 October to 31 December 2020 between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00 daily, excluding weekends. Vessels requiring passage outside these times are requested to arrange in advance with the Broads Authority 01603 610734. The grid reference is between TG434208 -TG445218. All vessels are to take this into consideration when route planning and navigating the area.

Week 37

UKHO Permanent Notices

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – One reduction of depth off Caister.
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Three reductions of depth on the southern edge of the Princes Deep Water Channel. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft and probably not where we ought to be!
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – NM Block. – A UKHO block for Chart 1200 showing a revised part of the Wisbech Cut (River Nene) approaches channel.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – One reduction of depth in the River Thames, Gravesend Reach on the north shore side of Tilburyness. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.


1. WOOLWICH REACH – ENVIRONMENT AGENCY – THAMES BARRIER CLOSURES – the standard six monthly notice – The Thames Flood Barrier will be closed once a month for test purposes, in accordance with a programme issued for a period of six months, commencing 01st November 2020. Listed are the times between which the Thames Barrier will be closed to navigation for test purposes. During these periods’ navigation in the Thames Barrier Control Zone, between Margaretness and Blackwall Point, will be restricted and any movements in this area will require permission from London VTS. Dates and times can be found in the full notice in the Temporary List on: Notices to Mariners
2. Crouch Lighted Buoy – NAVIGATION – the Crouch Lighted buoy: 51° 37.660’N, 00° 56.591’E is off station.

3. River Medway – Saltpan Reach – BP IOG. No1 Jetty – Dredging Operations – dredging operations are due to take place at BP Isle of Grain No.1 jetty. Dredging will commence 06/09/2020 and is expected to be complete 08/09/2020, operations will be focussed around the “berthing box” and will be carried out by the water injection dredger ‘Jetsed’. ‘Jetsed’ will display the required signals for respective operations by day and night, all vessels are requested to pass with caution and minimise their wash. Image and chartlet can be found in the above quoted web page in the Temporary List.

4. Medway Approach Channel – No.1 Light Buoy Off Station – Medway Approach Channel No.1 buoy has now been recovered, a replacement buoy will be delivered and reinstated ASAP. A cancellation notice will be issued as soon as No.1 buoy is back on station. Until further notice Medway Approach Channel No.1 buoy (Starboard Hand Lateral Mark – Fl G 2.5s ) is off station and currently listing. The light characteristic may be unreliable and, at worst, not visible under certain conditions.
Medway No.1 Light Bouy – Starboard Lateral Mark – ATON No. N08054, Position – 51° 28.552 N – 000° 50.502 E. All mariners are further reminded to pass with care and caution.

5. Sandwich River Stour swing / toll bridge major overhaul – works to refurbish the Sandwich Toll Bridge have been rescheduled to commence on 21st September for a period of 11 weeks. The start of works notification from Kent County Council (KCC) includes their detailed arrangements for the use of a shuttle bus to transport pedestrians around the diversion as required. During this 11 week period the bridge deck will be completely removed and transported to a yard so mechanical and electrical components can be replaced. The opportunity will also be taken to clean and repaint the bridge deck. During the period the bridge deck is removed various upgrades and refurbishments will continue at the bridge site.
Unfortunately, there will be a short period at the start of the works and during final commissioning when the contractors will be unable to open the bridge to river traffic. The exact date for the bridge to be lifted off will need to be confirmed but it is expected that river traffic will be hindered / prevented between 21st September and early week commencing 28th September at the latest. It is difficult to provide the exact date for the bridge to be lifted back on again at this time but KCC currently expect this to be around 27th November with river traffic being prevented / hindered for up to about a week following the date the bridge is lifted back on. KCC will continue to liaise with the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners who will be issuing Notices to Mariners. KCC will also keep the normal telephone number for booking bridge swings up to date with the latest information regarding the need and availability to open the bridge if you need to plan a journey past the bridge. There is a link to additional details in the Notices in the Temporary List.

6. Port of Wells – OUTER HARBOUR DREDGING OPERATIONS – The Port’s dredger “Kari Hege” is temporarily depositing and creating a berm on the North East side of the Outer Harbour entrance. The berm is marked with temporary Starboard (Green) navigation buoys. The material is being accumulated for the RNLI works starting on 2nd September 2020.

Week 36

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – River Thames – Six reductions of depth off Tilburyness and the channel approaches into the Tilbury Lock.
2. BELGIUM – Jetty. Light. – New Jetty in the Wielingendok in Zeebrugge and the light moved to the end of the new Jetty.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Light. Pile. – New light and new pile (separate) on the south shore of the Thames east of the Thames Barrier.
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – 4 reductions of depth in the River Thames, Lower Hope Reach near the Ovens starboard hand buoy. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
5. BELGIUM – Depths. – Two reductions of depth on the edge of the West Hinder TSS north of the Bergues N cardinal buoy. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
6. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – This notice is following the Preliminary notice 4174(P) last week amending one reduction of depth in the Sunk Inner Area on Charts 1610 and 1975. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.

All a little ‘unexciting’. But still can be seen illustrated on: Notices to Mariners


1. Re-Issue – RIVER MEDWAY– SALTPAN REACH – Isle of Grain LNG Terminal, Jetties Nos. 8 & 10 Exclusion Zones (General Directions for Navigation): all mariners are to observe the exclusion zones in relation to the Isle of Grain LNG Terminal Jetties Nos.8 & 10 in Saltpan Reach. Mariners are also to note that any unauthorised infringement of the LNG Exclusion Zones may result in prosecution.
Berth Exclusion Zone Regulations:
1. When there is no LNG vessel berthed at the LNG Terminal no vessel (including pleasure vessels, PWC’s, fishing boats etc.) shall navigate within that part of the River Medway which is within an arc measuring 150 metres in any direction from the cargo transfer arms at the LNG Terminals. The cargo transfer arms are located at the following approximate position: Terminal No.10 51° 25.9405’N 00° 42.5448’E Terminal No.8 51° 25.9309’N 00° 42.1760’E
2. When there is an LNG vessel moored at the LNG Terminal no vessel (including pleasure vessels, PWC’s, fishing boats etc.) other than those attending the LNG terminal which are authorised by the Harbour Master or the operator of the LNG Terminal, shall enter any part of the River Medway which is within an arc measuring 250 metres (berth exclusion zone) in any direction from the cargo transfer arms of the LNG Terminal.
3. When there is an LNG vessel moored at the LNG terminal, the speed of all passing vessels navigating outside of the berth exclusion zone should not exceed 7.5 knots through the water whilst transiting. There is a useful chart showing the extent of the exclusion zone. Worth loking at on the local/temporary list in the above quoted page.

2. LOWESTOFT – BASCULE BRIDGE MARINE CLOSURE – maintenance works are scheduled for Lowestoft Bascule Bridge. This will result in one overnight marine closure on Wednesday 26th August. The closure will run from 2000hrs until 0600hrs on the following day. Restrictions are as follows:-
• Road closed to vehicles and pedestrians
• No small boat openings.
• Commercial vessel openings will be accommodated with a minimum of 12hrs notice at an agreed time, subject to the maintenance schedule and any tidal limitations for the vessel.
It may be possible to accommodate small boat transits with any essential commercial vessel openings, although small boats will only be permitted to transit with a large commercial vessel if in the same direction of travel. Agents, Owners and Vessel masters are advised to bear this closure in mind when planning vessel movements in or out of the Port of Lowestoft. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch 14, Tel. 01502 572286, if additional information is required.

3. Port of Wells – dredging

4. The Broads – Navigation Restriction due to Dredging Operations on the River Yare – Trowse Eye to Trowse Swing Bridge – dredging operations are programmed to commence from 17 August un&l 30 September 2020. During this period, dredging will be in opera#on between 0800 hours and 1600 hours daily, excluding weekends. The works may severely restrict the passage of vessels; however, the navigation channel will remain open but mariners must exercise great care whilst proceeding past the works. All equipment will be lit and signage will be in place to warn of restrictions and delays. The works will take place from the following approximate position: TG 245076 to TG251079 (shown in red on the plan extract and on the temporary list there is a link for access). Vessels should ensure that the new position is taken into consideration for passage planning and when navigating in this area.

Week 35

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Legends. – Delete of the legend and details of the Leigh Deposit special buoy off Leigh.
2. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Drying height. Drying contour. – The sand at the entrance of the Royal Harbour, Ramsgate has extended significantly from the east.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. Depth. – Change of a sounding of 11m to an ‘Obstn’. This is in the northern Yantlet Secondary Channel, east of the Sea Reach No 3 North. At 10.8 m not likely to hinder leisure craft and not where we ought to be!
4. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depth. – This Preliminary Notice advises of depths of 15m CD in the Deep Water channel of the Black Deep/Inner Sunk area so unlikely to hinder leisure craft.


1. LONG REACH, RIVER THAMES – NAVIGATOR TERMINAL BERTH 1 – DREDGING OPERATIONS & DOLPHIN REPLACEMENT WORKS – On or about 17th August 2020 works will commence at Navigator Terminal Berth 1 to replace and upgrade the existing downstream dolphin and increase the depths of the dredge box around the berth. The dolphin replacement works will involve a variety of barges and support vessels including jack-up barge SEA7, flat-tops NEPTUNE, DEVELOPER & SEAVOYAGER, safety vessel DIVECO 5 and various tugs. The works will involve the removal of the existing downstream dolphin structure and replacement with a new structure, including heavy lifting operations. In addition, dredging operations will be conducted over the low water period by excavator from the spud leg pontoon GPS BOXER assisted by tug GPS IBERIA working in the approximate area indicated in the chartlet (see the usual Temporary list at Notices to Mariners.
London VTS will broadcast requests for vessels to “proceed with caution” or “proceed at slow speed”, as described in Permanent Notices to Mariners 4 of 2014 as required by the works. International Code Flags “Romeo Yankee” will be displayed when this is in effect.
2. Hydrographic Survey Operations from Harwich – Mariners are advised that survey work will be carried out in Harwich Harbour and main channel out to the South Threshold buoy from 17th August until 29th August with the survey vessel Egret. The Egret will have a submerged tow behind her and have a maximum speed of 4 knots, she is therefore restricted in her ability to manoeuvre. It is requested that vessels keep more than 100m clear of her stern.
3. Raysand Unlighted Buoy – NAVIGATION – Mariners are advised that the original old Raysand unlit yellow mark in position: 51° 39.080’N, 000° 59.284’E has been damaged beyond repair. A temporary substitute buoy with the following characteristics has been placed in the same position (as above). Yellow cylindrical base with large white sign atop with legend RAYSAND. An image of the new buoy can be found in the Temporary list as above.
4. Pinto Lighted Buoy, River Crouch – the Pinto Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51° 37.081’N, 000° 52.609’E is back in operation.
5. Ipswich – New Cut East River Wall Repairs – commencing on or around 2nd September 2020 works are being undertaken to repair the River Wall in the vicinity of the old lock entrance in the New Cut. All works, including piling will be carried out from the landside. These works are expected to continue until around the end of November 2020. Please contact Orwell Navigation Service, VHF Ch68, or Tel. 01473211066.

Week 34

No UKHO notices this week in the monitored area


1. Swallowtail No 2 Lighted Buoy, River Crouch – the Swallowtail No 2 Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51° 41.184’N 001° 06.296’E is back in operation.
2. Increase in River Swimmers, Inflatable and Personal Watercraft – During the past few months, the volume of river swimmers, persons using inflatable canoes, paddle boards and personal watercraft has risen enormously within the CHA District and in particular on the upper reaches of the River Crouch. The CHA has also received reports recently from other Harbour Authorities as well as inland waterway operators that this seems to be a widespread trend post Covid-19 lockdown. The fact that you can enter the water from any part of accessible sea wall and do not require more formal launching arrangements makes policing of those taking part in these activities extremely difficult. Regrettably, many taking up these sports for the first time are inexperienced, particularly in tidal waters and are not familiar with robust safety, seamanship, and good manners in not compromising other river users and staying close in toward the riverbanks. A Sailing Club has reported near miss incidents that took place over the weekend of Sunday 01st August 2020 involving their sailing fleet and a considerable number of swimmers and canoeist. Could we please ask all river users to keep a good look out at all times, report any cases of near misses, poor behaviour and disregard of others to the Harbour Office providing as much detail as possible. It is further recommended that if Clubs are not already doing so that they include a section within their event risk assessments to cover this matter. Your cooperation is appreciated, thank you.
3. The Swale – Queenborough Harbour (ATL) – Temporary Reduction in Speed When Passing – Due to recent work carried out on the Queenborough All Tide Landing (ATL) a problem currently exists with the connection between the two sections of the ATL resulting in unsafe movement caused by passing vessels. Until a permanent resolution is reached all vessels are requested to pass the ATL with caution and reduce speed and wash to a minimum. Queenborough ATL. Centred at Approx. position: 51 25.070 N – 000 44.185 E Admiralty Chart No’s 2572 & 3683 refer. Further information may be obtained from Queenborough Harbour on VHF Ch.8 or by contacting Medway VTS on VHF Channel 74 call sign “Medway VTS’ or direct via telephone on 0151 649 6148 / 6650.
4. LOWESTOFT – PORT APPROACHES – KIRKLEY SECTOR LIGHT RE-ALIGNMENT – the Kirkley Sector light, position 52° 27.71’N, 001° 44.54’E, will be re-aligned on Thursday 6th August 2020 to show the original light characteristics /sectors as below and as per Chart 1535. Full details in the Temporary List: Notices to Mariners : The works will commence from 0900. During the changeover the light will be extinguished for a brief period of time, which should be restricted to daylight hours only. A notice will be issued once the works have been completed and the light has been verified.
5. Port of Wells – Dredging
6. Approaches to King’s Lynn – Amendments to Buoyage – due to changes in the profile of the approach channel the following amendment took place on 7th August 2020: No. 8 light buoy moved 1100m x 050°(T) to 52° 52’.835N 00°21’.730E. For further information please contact King’s Lynn Harbour Radio on VHF 14.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary