Notices to Mariners Week 27

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Two reductions of depth in the north edge of the channel in Gravesend Reach near Tilburyness. Unlikely to hinder leisure craft.
2. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Foul. – A new FOUL in the Margate Road, north east of the Longnose PHB in excess of 10m of water.


1. WOOLWICH REACH – BARRIER GARDENS PIER PILING OPERATIONS – On or about Saturday 20th June 2020 Red 7 Marine will undertake piling operations at Barrier Gardens Pier, which are anticipated to take approximately one week, in support of a downstream extension. The chartlet (usual web page: Notices to Mariners in the Temporary list ) depicts the location and marine footprint of the works in red boxes: The works will be undertaken from the jack-up barge HAVEN SEASEVEN and the spud leg barge HAVEN SEAFORTH will take up position outside the HAVEN SEASEVEN. London VTS will broadcast requests for vessels to “proceed with caution” or “proceed at slow speed”, as described in Permanent Notices to Mariners 4 of 2014 as required by the works. International Code Flags “Romeo Yankee” will be displayed when this is in effect.
2. Harwich Shelf East Cardinal Buoy Mariners are advised that the Harwich Shelf East Cardinal buoy is back on station.
3. NATIVE OYSTER RESTORATION WORKS – WEST MERSEA – Crouch Harboujr Authority – We have been asked to publish the following information as it is not specifically within our district: Starting Monday 22nd June 2020 works will commence on the Essex Native Oyster Restoration Project within a defined restoration box, of which the north-west corner is located approximately 500m offshore to the south-east of West Mersea (hereafter referred to as the ‘Restoration Box’). This work will consist of scientific monitoring of current and future restoration areas within the Restoration Box. These works are expected to be concluded by 24th June 2020. Additional information can be downloaded from the Temporary list. This area is inshore of oujr usual haunts.
4. The Swale–Queenborough Harbour (ATL) Piling Works – Piling works are due to take place at Queenborough All Tide Landing commencing Monday 22ndJune 2020. The work will involve the siting of three piles to secure the Landing Stage and will take approximately 5 days to complete.The vessel‘TTMS Viking’and crane barge ‘Dave Gibson’will be carrying out the work and will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 74 at all times.The main navigable channel through Queenborough Harbour will not be obstructed but passing vesselsare requested to navigatewith caution and minimise their wash.
5. THE SWALE –FAVERSHAM CREEK PROPOSED AIDS TO NAVIGATION – it is proposed to Position the following aids to navigation within the Medway and adjacent creeks: Faversham Creek, Wreck Revenge.Position 51° 19’.453 N –000° 54.471 E. Permanently position an Upstream and Downstream Beacon to mark the outer limits of the remaining wreckage. Full details are included in the Temporary List.
6. Lowestoft – Border Health Control Measures -Application to Marine Leisure Users – Following the recently announced Border Health Control Measures, this notice is to provide guidance to Marinas and recreational sailors on how the guidance should be applied to their operations and activities. Rules have been introduced by the UK Government for all international arrivals, other than those travellers from the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man (Common Travel Area/CTA). These rules apply to marine leisure users as well as those travellers arriving in the UK via rail, ferry or aviation. To summarise, the rules include the following requirements:- •Completion of a mandatory digital health contact form – People arriving via recreational craft from outside of the ‘CTA’ will be expected to have completed the digital form prior to arrival, or if not possible, on arrival in the UK. •To quarantine for 14 days after their arrival – People arriving via recreational craft from outside of the ‘CTA’ will also have to quarantine. Prior isolation at sea is not considered as contributory towards the14 day quarantine requirement. If a person arriving on a yacht is unable to quarantine at a UK residence, then in theory they could be permitted to quarantine on their vessel in a UK port or marina, subject to local rules. Please check with yourmarina/facility beforehand. The UK Border Force will enforce the arrangements on those arriving, eitherby being notified of such an arrival, or via random checks. This is a UK wide requirement. Details, list of exempt people, and access to the digital health contact form can be found @ the government website as follows:Provide your journey and contact details before you travel to the UK. Best not to stray outside at CTA!
7. Kings Lynn – Approaches to King’s Lynn – Bathymetric Surveys, Race Bank Offshore Windfarm Export Cables . Survey vessel “Morven” will perform marine survey operations between Lat 52° 48.595’N Long 000° 13.471’E 000’14’30.0’E & Lat 53° 1.851N’ Long 000° 26.347’E along the existing Race Bank Export Cable routes. The corridor width for the cable survey will nominally be 250m. The survey vessel may be found running both along the corridor and in the general vicinity of the survey corridor. Survey operations are expected to commence on 25th June 2020 with scheduled completion by 13th July 2020, depending on weather conditions. Dates may be subject to change. The vessel will operate on a 24hr basis and will display appropriateday shapes & lights during survey operations and will actively transmit an AIS signal. Survey operations will involve the use of hull mounted and equipment towed below the water surface, up to 100m behind the vessel. A wide berth is requested at all times as the vessel will be restricted in her ability to manoeuvre. Contact details for the vessel are MV MORVEN Call Sign: T150165 Vessel Tel: 07956 319281The vessel will maintain a listening watch on VHF16 and VHF 14 whilst in our area of jurisdiction.
8. Havengore Bridge – Improvement Works Resumption: Monday 22 June 2020 – I’m pleased to inform you that the improvement works to Havengore Bridge will resume on Monday 22 June. Our contractors have estimated that it will take approximately 3 weeks for the remaining work to be completed and so we expect the bridge to be returned to service by Saturday 11 July. We thank you for your continuing patience and look forward to providing a further update when the bridge is re-opened to marine traffic. Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE.

If anyone has been listening to the Coastguard Nav warnings, they might be slightly mystified by the warning “Blackwater Estuary, the waypoint has been moved to 51.43.926N 001.07.415E” That’s the warning! That relates to NtM 778(T) in week 7. That is a Temporary notice about the positioning of measuring instruments on the seabed and 6 yellow special buoys in and around the Blackwater and the Dengie. The warning relates to the yellow buoy that is positioned east of the Knoll: it has been moved a small distance. I have seen the two yellow buoys in the Blackwater and they aren’t the largest. If the buoy east of the Knoll is the same size, it won’t be the easiest to see in a jollop.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary