Notices to Mariners Week 27

No UKHO Permanent/Preliminary or Temporary ntocies this week in the monitored area.


1. GRAVESEND REACH – TILBURY TRAFFIC WARNING LIGHT – RELOCATION – On 25th June 2021 Tilbury Traffic Warning Light will be relocated to accommodate works at Tilbury. The light will be repositioned at Northfleet Tower, 10-15m lower than the Northfleet Sector light. The light will be inoperable during the transfer and is expected to be fully operational in the new location by 29th June. Further updates will be given by London VTS on Channel 68. A chartlet shows the new relocation of the light and can be seen in the Local List on the usual page: Notices to Mariners
2. Felixstowe Harbour – Core Survey – between the 24th of June 2021 to the 3rd of July 2021 the vessel ‘Flatholm’ (24m LOA) will be taking core samples from the riverbed at various locations alongside Felixstowe Port.
All vessels are requested to pass with care and reduced wash. Detailed movements can be obtained from Harwich VTS on VHF Channel 71.
3. River Crouch – North Fambridge – a temporary small pontoon will be placed close to the shoreline at North Fambridge on Sunday 27th June 2021 in approximate position adjacent to Port Moor Cottage: 51° 38.195N
000° 40.200E The pontoon (which is to be used as a filming platform) will extend into the river approximately 50 metres and will be lit with a yellow flashing light. Please note there is no inshore (North of the pontoon) passage of navigation for all vessels including canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and swimmers. The pontoon is expected to be removed on Tuesday 06th July 2021.
4. PORT OF GREAT YARMOUTH – Haven Bridge – Construction works – construction work on Haven bridge will incorporate scaffolding, fitted over the river in the areas shown. The scaffolding will be in position from 28th June until 30th September, 2021. Mariners should exercise caution to avoid passing close to or under the scaffolding works and should maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch12 at all times, approach the area with caution, pass at the slowest safe manoeuvrable speed and keep well clear. If in doubt or if requiring further information vessels should contact Yarmouth Radio on VHF Channel 12 or telephone +44 (0)1493 335511. Requests for information on Haven Bridge works and future bridge Lifts should be directed to Customer Services at Norfolk Council
5. 59th Pin Mill Barge Match – will be taking place on Saturday 3rd of July 2021 in the River Orwell, starting from Butterman’s Bay. The approximate start times are 09:30, 09:45, and 10:00. Timings may change at short notice subject to shipping movements. All barges and associated vessels will be monitoring VHF 68 and 71. This notice is self cancelling and expires 23:59, 03/07/2021.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary