Notices to Mariners Week 24

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary Notices

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – One reduction of depth off the Purfleet Jetties, River Thames. Probably not where we would be!
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Buoyage. – This Notice is UKHO notification of the Trinity House Notice No 7 in week 18 whereby the Barley (SCB) and East Cross Sand (PHB) were moved (which marks the Middle Cross Sand). The image incorporates all the Notices that had affected that area in the past six months. See Notices to Mariners for image
3. NETHERLANDS – Buoy. Precautionary area. – 
The SG-W East Cardinal Buoy at the entrance marking the channel along the Walcheren coast (Oostgat and Deurloo) has been moved SE. and the associated precautionary area. Worth noting if anyone goes in that area.


1. Port of Wells – still no dredging!
On or about 08th June 2021, a new mooring will be installed at Higham Bight. The installation will be undertaken by the LONDON TITAN.
Any request for vessels to pass with caution, or at slow speed will be communicated by London VTS on Channel 68, in accordance with port-wide Notice to Mariners 08/2021. The vessel is required to display the appropriate lights and shapes as per the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. Any further details will be broadcast by London VTS. The chartlet on the Local List on the above quoted web page shows the location of the works.
3. River Crouch – 3 Notices – #20 The Ray Sand is off station. #19 Swallowtail Channel – • Swallowtail No 2 Lighted Buoy has been permanently withdrawn from position 51°41.184’N, 001°06.296’E • Swallowtail No 3 Lighted Buoy in position 51°40.843’N, 001°04.391’E has been renamed Swallowtail No 2. New light characteristic Fl. Y. 10s. Colour, shape and Top Mark remain unchanged. • Swallowtail No 4 Lighted Buoy in position 51°40.519’N, 001°03.487’E has been renamed Swallowtail No 3. Light characteristic unchanged Fl. (2) Y. 10s. Colour, shape and Top Mark remain unchanged. • Swallowtail No 1 Lighted Buoy will be moved to a new position next week. New coordinates will be promulgated on completion of the move. I have created an image showing the changes. Find it in the Local List in the above quoted web page. # 18 Swallowtail No 4 (aka No 3) is off station for maintenance.
4. Approaches to King’s Lynn – Foul Area. – Charts: BA 1200, BA 108, Imray Y9 – Mariners are advised that as a result of a loss of anchoring equipment an area to the north of No.1 light buoy is now considered to be foul ground*.
The foul ground is an area of 100m x 100m centred at 52°56.49’ N 00° 21.55’ E . *Foul Ground is defined as “as an area of foul ground, not dangerous to surface navigation, but to be avoided by vessels anchoring, trawling etc”.
The chart symbol for foul ground is a pecked line surrounding a # symbol. Craft involved in subsequent operations to locate and recover the equipment are to be given a wide berth and will maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch. 14 & 16.
5. London Array Wind Farm – they have updated their last NtM adding maintenance with an additional turbine with the jack-up vessel but that will not affect Foulger’s Gat.