Notices to Mariners Week 23

No UKHO notices this week in the monitor area


1. RIVER THAMES – BENFLEET CREEK – BENFLEET ROAD BRIDGE – FULL CLOSURE – On or about 7th June 2021, contractors working on behalf of Essex Highways will be conducting structural works on Benfleet Road Bridge. In order to accommodate these works, scaffolding will be erected that will render the bridge fully closed to navigation. The closure applies to all vessels, including personal and recreational craft. Vessels should not navigate between a point 50m upstream of the bridge and the Benfleet Flood Barrier downstream of the bridge. Completion of the works is expected by the end of October 2021. All arches will be closed to navigation. They will be marked in accordance with the Port of London Authority Thames Byelaws (2012), as depicted right – by three red discs (or by night, three red lights) in an equilateral triangle apex-down. Safety boat SEACRAFT 1 will be in attendance whilst the scaffolding is erected.
2. RIVER THAMES – NORTHFLEET HOPE – DREDGING OPERATIONS – On or about 2nd June 2021, dredging operations will commence at Robins Wharf, Northfleet. The dredge will be carried out by water-injection dredger BALDR and push-tug HAVIK. Operations will be conducted during the ebb-tide only, with expected completion around 5th June. Any request for vessels to pass with caution, or at slow speed will be communicated by London VTS on Channel 68, in accordance with port-wide Notice to Mariners 08/2021. The vessels should display the appropriate lights and shapes as per the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. Any further details will be broadcast by London VTS. The chartlet showing the location of the works can be found in the Local List on: Notices to Mariners
3. RIVER CROUCH – Repairs to Seawall Brandy Hole / East Hullbridge – marine contractors working on behalf of the Environment Agency are scheduled to commence repairs to the seawall in the vicinity of Brandy Hole/East Hullbridge in approximate position: 51⁰ 37.88’1N, 00⁰ 37.934’E on Tuesday 01st June 2021. Vessels and plant associated with these repairs will be arriving on Friday 28th May. Duration of these works is expected to be between 9 and 12 weeks. (Between 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday). The safety vessel ‘HUNTER’ will be in attendance whilst work is taking place and will maintain a listening watch on VHF channels 11 & 16. Throughout this period there will be a combination of work & safety boats and a Jack-Up barge located and working in the vicinity. All vessels navigating in the area are requested to do so at a slow speed with minimum wash and pass at a safe distance.
4. London Array Offshore Wind Farm (Outer Thames Estuary) – the Jack-up Vessel “Wind Enterprise”, on behalf of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Ltd, will be on site from 12/06/2021 for approximately 2 weeks to carry out heavy lift operations. As part of this work, component exchanges will take place at several locations within the Wind Farm.
Vessel: Wind Enterprise – Jack-Up Vessel Wind Enterprise has a length of 101.95m and breadth of 40.2m. Equipment will be periodically deployed and suspended from the vessel crane during jack up operations.
Planned Locations and Restricted Access Zones
A total of four locations are to be attended:
WTG Latitude Longitude
C08 51° 35.085’N 001° 29.418’E
J07 51° 37.681’N 001° 33.856’E
L14 51° 40.114’N 001° 32.028’E
M14 51° 40.473’N 001° 32.617’E
A 500m radius restricted zone will be in place, centred on the Wind Enterprise whilst pinned on location. If access is required to this zone for non-project vessel traffic, authorisation must be requested from the vessel master.
This should not affect Foulger’s Gat. See the above quoted page for the location and piccy of the Wind Enterprise ( I want one of those!)