Notices to Mariners Week 22 – 23

Sorry week 22 a bit late.

Week 22

UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary Notices

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Submarine power cables. – Completion of the landward side of the power cables from Bawdsey towards the Gabbard Wind Farms. – Image as usual on: Notices to Mariners
2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Buoy. – The Outer Crouch PHB moved due North a little. Presumably the Foulness is encroaching a little? Image of course.


1. COVID notices – There are notices from the Port of London, Ipswich, Wells and the Broads. I haven’t quoted all the details but have addeda download link on the Local list on the above quoted web site.
2. River Medway –Port of Rochester Bridge Reach -Obstruction – Update – During a recent hydrographic survey of the Port of Rochester an unknown obstruction, possibly a wreck has been identified in Bridge Reach. The obstruction is marked with an unlit, yellow ‘can’ buoy denoted “Wreck” . The depth above the obstruction at chart datum is approx. 0.3m, mariners transiting Bridge Reach should navigate with extreme caution. When available, divers will be deployed to ascertain the nature ofthe object which will assist with the Port Authority’s subsequent actions. Image on the Local list on the usual page.
3. River Medway–Saltpan Reach – Grain LNG Jetty 10 –Discharge Arm Removal Work – On Tuesday 19th May 2020 work will be carried out to remove an unloading arm at Isle of Grain LNG Jetty 10, once removed the arm will be transported to Thamesport terminal for offload. Whilst work is underway passing vessels are requested to keep well clear of the LNG berth exclusion zone, navigate with caution and reduce wash to a minimum. Craft carrying out the removal and lifting operation will be :ShearLeg Barge‘Matador 3’+ Tug ‘Jan Leenheer’Safety craft ‘Avocet’and ‘Retriever’
4. Sheerness Harbour –SD.10 Berth Drilling Rig – Lay-up – Two ‘Jack-up’ drilling rigs are due to be towedto Sheerness where they will be “laid up”alongside No.10 Berth for approximately six months. The ‘Prospector 1’ is expected to arrive on Saturday 16th May 2020 (it’s arrived) and the ‘Prospector 5’ is currently due in August 2020. Once in position the rigs will intrude into partof the navigable channel adjacent to Sheerness No.10 berth and will partially obscure vision around Garrison Point into Sheerness Harbour – Images – a plan of the rigs and a chartlet for the final positon.
5. LOWESTOFT APPROACHES –EAST CARDINAL ‘SEWER’BUOY TOPMARK MISSING – the topmarkon the East Cardinal ‘Sewer’buoy, position 52° 28.89’N, 001° 46.24’E, is missing. Please take this into consideration when navigating in this area. Notification will be provided once the topmark has been re-instated.Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, or Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required
6. LOWESTOFT –TRANSITS OF UNMANNED SURFACE VESSEL – FOR SURVEY OPERATIONS AT GREATER GABBARD OFFSHORE WIND FARM – hydrographic survey operations, at the GreaterGabbard Wind Farm, are scheduled to commence on Thursday 14th May 2020. These will be conducted using an unmanned surface vessel (USV) “X-06” operated by ‘XOcean’, which will be remotely controlled by a USV ‘Pilot’. The vessel is capable of working 24/7. The USV has AIS, Navigation lights a radar reflector and has a black hull with yellow frame. The duration of the survey work is approximately 2 days. Timingsand duration of works are subject to favourable weather conditions. The vessels will transit to and from the survey area from the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina in Lowestoft Outer Harbour area. When transiting Harbour areas and approaches the USV will be escorted by the “POSIEDON” acting as Safety Boat. The Safety Boat will be monitoring VHF Ch14 during Harbour transits. Further details of the survey can be found as a download on the Local list on the above quoted web site.
7. Port of Ramsgate – three notices: Ramsgate No 5 has lost it’s topmark – Winterstoke Outfall Marker has lost its day marker and light – East Brake Buoy back on station.
8. Sandwich – Sandwich Fairway Buoy off station. Masters of vessels entering the river are advised that the Fairway buoy is off station due to the severe gales of the past 24 hours. At the time of writing the buoy is inaccessible up on Sandwich Bay beach while the light continues to flash. Incoming vessels should make for the first buoy being No 2 red can buoy.
9. Kings Lynn – Bathymetric Surveys, Race Bank Offshore Windfarm Export Cables. Commencing on or about Monday 18th May 2020 the survey Vessel “MHO Grimsby”will be undertaking bathymetric survey operations on areas of shallow buried export cables within the jurisdiction of King’s Lynn Conservancy Board. The survey area of operations will cover the 2 export cables from just WSW of Z9 light buoy in position 52° 59’.735N, 000° 22’.750E and extend northwards to the limits of jurisdiction of King’s Lynn Conservancy Board. The vessel will maintain a listening watch on VHF16 and VHF 14 whilst in our area of jurisdiction. All vessels are requested to contact the “MHO Grimsby”for advice and informationas to passing ata safe distance whilst survey operations are underway.
10. London Array – report that Turbine C17 has a temporary exclusion zone of 500 metres. C17 is on Foulger’s Gat. The Gat is NOT closed but the zone must be adhered. There is the continual call to a LAL vessel before entering the Wind Farm.
11. Potton Bridge – Open to marine traffic – Potton Bridge has returned to service and is open to marine traffic on all high tides. There are some remedial works ongoing which may result in short delays during the daytime, but this work is due to be completed by Friday 22 May. Nicki Uden – Community Liaison Officer, SHOEBURYNESS RANGE Careline: 0800 0560108

Week 23


1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Harbour limit. Legend. – Brightlingsea Harbour – New Harbour Limit marked ‘across’ the entrance of the harbour entrance.
2. ENGLAND – South East Coast – Outfall. – Outfall out from the North Foreland (north side) out to the Longnose PHB. One outfall is already shown close by.
3. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. NM Blocks. – There are 4 UKHO blocks and one reduction of depth. This affects part of the Sunk Inner Precautionary Area between the Dynamo special buoy and the Sunk Head Tower (NCB). The 4 blocks are similar but difference scales etc for 4 different UKHO charts. One is illustrated but all can be download via the button. The reduced sounding affects a fifth chart which has no block. Image shown on the usual page: Notices to Mariners


1. ADA Point Flashing Red Light – Bridgemarsh Creek, River Crouch – the red light on ADA Point in approximate position: 51˚ 38.410’N 001˚ 45.687’E at the entrance to Bridgemarsh Creek is back in operation.
Fairway No 5 Lighted Buoy, River Crouch – Fairway No 5 Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51° 37.200’N 000° 49.670’E is unlit.
CHA Essential Buoy Maintenance – Swallowtail No 1 Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51° 41.384’N 001° 08.200’E has been removed for maintenance.
CHA Essential Buoy Maintenance – Fairway No 3 Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51° 37.171’N 000° 49.854’E is back on station.

2. Previous psoted on another thread – PORT OF ROCHESTER-BRIDGE REACH DIVING OPERATIONS – Diving operations are due to take place in Bridge Reach, Port of Rochester to remove a submerged obstruction confirmed during previous dive ops. Dive works are planned for Thursday and Friday 28th/ 29th May 2020 and will be carried out over the late morninglow water periods. The dive team will be working from the Briggs Marine vessel “Forth Linesman”, who will be monitoring VHF Channel 74 at all times. All passing vessels are required to navigate with extreme caution and minimisetheir wash. Diving is expected to be concentrated around the following approximate position;51°23’.72 N -000°30’.34 E – Image already psoted on the above quoted page using the Local list.

And that is that.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary