Notices to Mariners Week 21

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UKHO Permanent/Temporary/Preliminary

1. New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 21 May 2020 – Chart 323 – International Chart Series, Dover Strait, Eastern Part. 1:75,000 – Includes changes to depths from the latest British Government surveys

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 4 June 2020 – Chart 1872 – North Sea , Dunkerque to Vlissingen. 1:100,000: Blankenberge. 1:15,000:, Chart 1873 – International Chart Series, North Sea, Dunkerque to Oostende. 1:60,000: A Oostende. 1:15,000: B Nieuwpoort. 1:20,000:, Chart 1874 – International Chart Series, North Sea, Westerschelde, Oostende to Westkapelle. 1:60,000: A Zeebrugge. 1:20,000: B Brugge 1:15,000 – all Includes significant safety-related information as follows: changes to marine reserves, restricted areas and mine laying practice areas.

2. ENGLAND – East Coast – Depths. – Three reductions of depth in the Holm Channel approaching Great Yarmouth. At 9.8m or more will not hinder leisure craft. There are two other reductions of depth adjacent in the Holm Channel vide NtM 716 of Week 6 and these are included in the image.
3. BELGIUM – NM Block. – A UKHO block for chart 1406. This shows the western edge of the Norther Wind Farm. Downloadable.
4. BELGIUM – Wind farm. Restricted area. Submarine power cable. Lights. Works. Buoyage. – a Preliminary notice – Three distinct changes: The Norther Wind Farm is now complete and the limits of the Wind Farm (and its prohibited zone) are now defined. A new Submarine Power Cable has been installed from north of the Belwind Wind Farm to close to the Rentel Wind Farm. Two new lights just inside of Zeebrugge harbour and changes in buoyage in one of the shipping docks.

All images of course at Notices to Mariners


1. Trinity House notice – EAST COAST OF ENGLAND – MIDDLE CROSS SAND – BARLEY LIGHTED BUOY – Amendment : Moved to Latitude 52° 38.500’N., Longitude 001° 52.960’E. Movement effected consequent upon a recent survey. (Comment – the movement is further north closer to the Middle Cross Sand. See the image on the above quoted page in the Loca list. Downloadable of course as evertthing else.
2. PORT OF ROCHESTER-BRIDGE REACH DIVING OPERATIONS – Diving operations are due to take place in Bridge Reach, Port of Rochester to ascertain the nature of an unknown submerged obstruction. Dive works are planned for Wednesday 13th May 2020 will be carried out over the morning low water period. The dive team will be working from the Briggs Marine vessel “Forth Linesman”, who will be monitoring VHF Channel 74 at all times. All passing vessels are required to navigate with extreme caution and minimisetheir wash.Diving is expected to be concentrated aroundthe following approximate position;51 23’.72 N -000 30’.34 E. Further information may be obtained from Medway VTSon VHF Channel 74, call sign “Medway VTS”or telephone 0151 949 6148 or 0151 949 6650.
3. Port of Ramsgate – Buoys B2 and West Quern – Back on station.
4. Port of Wells – the West Cardinal is off station.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary