Notices to Mariners Week 17

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:sick:No UKHO Notices this week affecting the monitor area – Wash to Dover, Boulogne to Hook of Holland


1. RIVER THAMES – ERITH REACH – COLDHARBOUR JETTY – CATHODIC PROTECTION REPLACEMENT – On or about the 15th April 2021, marine contractors working on behalf of Land and Water Remediation, will be undertaking cathodic protection replacement at Coldharbour Jetty. These marine works will take approximately twelve-weeks. The works will be undertaken from LAWS1 and LAWS2 moored to Coldharbour Jetty, with the tug PROTECTOR providing support. The works will take place following tidal patterns and may require vessels to proceed with caution or at slow speed. Such requests will be broadcast by London VTS on Channel 14, as per the requirements detailed in Notice to Mariners No. 8 of 2021. The chartlet can be seen on the Local List at Notices to Mariners
2. Harwich Have – River Works & Non-Routine Towage – Mariners are advised that on or around the 19 April 2021 the dumb barge Spartacus (23.93m LOA) will be towed by the tug Sonny (14.45m LOA) from Northumberland Wharf, Mistley to The Stour Sailing Club. The Spartacus will undertake a pontoon and pile instillation adjacent to ‘Jewsons’ flood defence wall, Quay Street, Manningtree. Piling operations will likely commence and finish over the low water period.
3. Oakley Creek – Walton Backwaters – Mariners are advised that there is reported obstruction in Oakley Creek situated within the Walton Backwaters. Reports indicate that the obstruction is possibly a large tractor / earth mover tyre and a lump of chain approximate positioned mid-way between the “Gate” formed by adjacent port and starboard beacons and the first starboard hand beacon after leaving the EPC berth. (not the best; perhaps somebody ‘dropped’ it on way to laying a new mooring)
4. RIVER MEDWAY – MEDWAY APPROACH CHANNEL – SS RICHARD MONTGOMERY WRECK SURVEY – EGS International Ltd. will be undertaking, on behalf of the MCA and Receiver of Wreck, a detailed sonar survey of the SS Richard Montgomery wreck and have obtained permission to enter the prohibited area. Marine operations will be running from around the 26th April 2021 with expected completion by the 30th April 2021(weather dependant). All survey work will be carried out by the EGS Watchful (callsign MAQK4; MMSI 232006596; fitted with AIS Class A) who will be keeping a listening watch on VHF Channels 16 & 74. ‘Watchful’ will undertake a detailed survey of the entire wreck and the immediate adjacent seabed within the area defined as a polygon bounded by the following coordinates:
51˚ 27.93595′ N 000˚ 47.04126′ E
51˚ 28.04993′ N 000˚ 47.05080′ E
51˚ 28.04993′ N 000˚ 47.14794′ E
51˚ 27.93595′ N 000˚ 47.13882′ E
Please be advised that during survey operations the vessel will be restricted in it’s ability to manoeuvre and other vessels are requested to pass with caution and minimise their wash. During survey operations the vessel will display the appropriate day shapes/signals and lights as required by the IRPCS
5. Lowestoft Outer Harbour and Approaches – Transits of USV – hydrographic survey operations, at the Greater Gabbard and Galloper Wind Farms, are scheduled to commence on Friday 16th April. This will be conducted using an unmanned surface vessel (USV) “X-03”. The vessel is capable of working 24/7. The USV has AIS, Navigation lights and a radar reflector (see below photograph). The anticipated duration of the survey works is approximately 3 to 4 days and is subject to favourable weather conditions. The USV will transit to and from the survey area from the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina in Lowestoft Outer Harbour area. Likely transit date for departure will be 16th April, with vessel return Monday 19th April (subject to change due to weather or operational requirements). When transiting Harbour areas and approaches the USV will be escorted by safety boat “POSIEDON” or ‘PROTEUS’. The Safety Boat will be monitoring VHF Ch14 during Harbour transits. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, Tel. 01502 572286, if additional clarification or information is required.
6. The Wash – Approaches to King’s Lynn – Amendments to buoyage . – due to changes in the profile of the approach channel to King’s Lynn, the following amendments to buoyage have taken place:
1: on 13th April 2021
a) No. 10 light buoy moved approx. 160m x 130°(T) to 52° 52’.590N 00°22’.075E
b) No. 12 light buoy moved approx. 135m x 080°(T) to 52° 52’.315N 00°22’.205E
c) No. 11 light buoy moved approx. 100m x 020°(T) to 52° 52’.475N 00°21’.990E
d) No. 8 light buoy moved approx. 50m x 085°(T) to 52° 52’.850N 00°21’.765E
2: on 14th April 2021
a) No. 17 light buoy moved approx. 90m x 280°(T) to 52° 51’.700N 00°21’.195E
b) No.14 light buoy moved approx. 75m x 330° (T) to 52° 51’.720N 00°21’.430E
This supercedes NtM 10/2021 dated 8th April
7. Port of Wells is a-dredging


Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary


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