Notices to Mariners Week 15

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:sick:UKHO Permanent/Temporary or Preliminary Notices

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Obstruction. – A new obstn discovered just outside of the DW channel of Yantlet by the Sea Reach No 1 North. Not likely to hinder leisure craft and not where we ought to be! The image includes other previous NtM changes from 2020.Usual page:
2. BELGIUM – Restricted area. Wind farm. –
A new safety zone – which means ‘No entry’ for leisure craft – replaces previous safety zones as it now includes the Mermaid and Seastar Wind Farm of Belgium. One large exclusion zone.


1. Harwich Harbour – Dredging Update – the capital dredger activities and non routine towage referenced in Notice to Mariners number 07 of 2021 are likely to continue until the 12th of April 2021. The dredger Strandway (92.10m LOA) will be undertaking dredging operations in the vicinity of Felixstowe number 7 berth from the 3rd to 6th of April 2021. The work boat Pander (27.27m LOA) will be undertaking water injection dredging within the Haven and approaches from the 6th of April to the 1st of May 2021. Detailed movements can be obtained from Harwich VTS on VHF Channel 71. Lights and shapes as required by Collision Regulations will be exhibited and a listening watch on VHF Channel 71 will be maintained throughout. Dates are approximate and subject to alteration.
2. Blakeney Harbour – Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should note the following new pilotage information:

  • Entry to the harbour should not be undertaken beyond 2hrs either side of high water on Blakeney Bar.
  • Enter the harbour to the West of the Hjordis wreck beacon in a ESE direction heading for port hand buoy no. 1.
  • Pass close to Hjordis wreck beacon, leaving it to port, continuing to port hand buoy no. 1.
  • After passing close to port hand buoy no. 1, turn SSW, and continue passing close to starboard buoy no. 2
  • Then continue SSW and pass between buoys 4 and 5, and then onward following the buoys into the harbour.

Vessels entering the harbour for the first time are strongly advised to call BHA for latest pilotage information as follows: Neil Thompson: 07929 181138 or Henry Archer: 07786 092405 or Will Darby: 07795 463943
3. Port of Wisbech – River Nene – Buoy Moves – the following buoy moves within the Nene Ports area of jurisdiction. Below are the new positions.
Buoy No 9 Green Cone Fl.G.3s N52,50.896 E000,12.815
Buoy Middle Red CanFL(1) R 8s N52,50.814 E000,12.690
LNTM (009-20 Buoy Moves) is cancelled. If any further information is required, please contact the Harbour Office 01945 588059 or 07860 576685. (I have added an image of the new positions in the above quoted web page in the Local List.
4. Port of Wisbech – River Nene – the Holbeach range DZ 10 is currently off station. DZ No 10 Yellow Special Mark Fl.Y.(2) 5s N52,51.389 E000,13.000. Holbeach Range is currently working on redeploying the DZ 10 as soon as practically possible. If any further information is required please contact the Harbour Office 01945 588059 or 07860 576685.

Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary