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Crime Doesn’t Respect Our Borders

Project Kraken is a joint initiative between Border Force, the National Crime Agency and the Police. If you spot anything suspicious on the water or around the coast that could be relating to drugs, people smuggling or terrorism contact the Police on 101 and quote “KRAKEN.”

If a “Live” incident call 999 again quoting “KRAKEN.”

Border Force have also given us a Maritime Intelligence On Call number 07900 056 435. The Maritime Intelligence team are a small team, but are on call 24/7. Please note that there is one person on call at a time for a whole week so there may be times when there will not be an immediate answer, so please leave a message with a call back number.

Suspicious incidents or sightings can include:

Boat movements at night without lights, particularly in quiet rivers and creeks

Pot markers in unusual positions

Bags or parcels washing up on beaches

Lifejackets or buoyancy aids washing up or abandoned on a beach

Abandoned boats