Charity Race Sunday 11th June 2017

Sunday turned out a very breezy day with the SW wind gusting to 30kts. The uncertain weather forecast meant we only had two groups of visitors and 3 club boats attending.

The two groups of visitors joined Marie Louis and Jeddo. Marie Louise took a lady and two young boys whilst Jeddo took Nobby, the tractor owner that assisted us with most of our launches this Spring and 3 members of his friends and family. A 4th member and his two young children decided it was unsafe to sail his own boats singlehanded with the young children, so joined Catherine 2. In addition Malcolm and his Topper came out, but kept fairly close to the club. He was seen to have at least one capsize.

It was decided that it was too windy to attempt to race with our inexperienced visitors, so we sailed under head sails only to the top of Stangate Creek and motored back.

After securing the boats we all went ashore for a BBQ ready and waiting for us cooked by Rod.

Our visitors all said they had a fantastic time and would like to come back next year.

Sorry no photos, I even took my camera, but forgot to get any pictures.