Notices to Mariners Week 5

UKHO Permanent/Preliminary/Temporary

1. ENGLAND – East Coast – Drying heights. Depths. – Eight significant reductions/new drying heights on the Barrow and Knock John Sands. Effectively that suggests that the old Knock John swatch is now closed! See the image of the chart extract (and all other images) at Notices to Mariners


1. Turbidity sensors deployed in Harwich Harbour – turbidity sensors will be deployed around Harwich Harbour for monitoring purposes. The sensors will be deployed by the Tug “Jean T” in the week commencing 20th January 2020 and will be removed by end of March 2020. The equipment will be a minimum height of 1.5m from the seabed and marked with a lit IALA buoy. Details of the mooring setup diagram can be viewed on the above pages with the three positions. – Mooring setup
The equipment consists of a mooring and bed frame equipped with a turbidity sensor and a Booner tube. An L-shaped mooring design which will consist of an IALA buoy connected to a clump weight via a chain riser. The clump weight will then connect to a bed frame via a rope ground line. The turbidity sensor will be positioned on the bed frame at approximately 0.5m above the seabed relative to the position of the Booner tube.

2. RIVER MEDWAY – UPNOR REACH – Submerged Obstruction – Chatham Maritime Marina – Outside Waiting Pontoon – a craft work cradle/tray has sunk at the downstream end of Chatham Maritime Marina holding pontoon. The object is approximately 22m in length and is not visible at any state of the tide. The wreck has been marked with an orange pellet buoy, the owner is aware and will be dealing with the situation. Mariners should navigate with caution due to this submerged danger to navigation until further notice. Approximate position – 51 24.33N – 000 31.90E. Further information may be obtained from Medway VTS on VHF Channel 74, call sign “Medway VTS” or telephone 0151 949 6148 or 0151 949 6650.

3. River Crouch – Branklet Lighted Buoy – Mariners are advised that the Branklet Lighted Buoy in approximate position: 51˚ 36.983’N 000˚ 52.113’E is unlit.

4. LOWESTOFT – SOUTH PIER HEAD FENDER REPAIRS – works are schedule to commence on Saturday 18th, completing Sunday 19th January, to replace fender piles around Lowestoft South pier head. Works will mostly be in daylight hours. The works will be undertaken from the Vessel ‘Sheerkhan’ with support craft ‘Cargo of Dreams’. All craft will monitor VHF Ch.14. The above works have been extended due to unfavourable Swell over the weekend. Mariners and Port Users are advised that the vessel “Flying Hart” will be installing Brackets to the Fendering on the South Pier on Tuesday 21st January 2020, during Daylight hours only. The vessel Sheerkhan will be installing 1 further Fender later in the week, exact date / time TBC. Vessels wishing to enter or leave the port should contact Port Control to obtain information and get updated information on works. Vessels should only pass the work site/piers once permission has been granted. Small vessels should be able to pass through the piers during the works, however, should afford as wide a berth as is safe and practical, and pass at slow speed to reduce vessel wash. For large vessel movements, port control will liaise with the contractor to arrange a suitable time for the work vessels to clear the worksite to allow safe vessel transit.
Timings for the works will be subject to suitable weather and tidal conditions.

5. LOWESTOFT – OUTER HARBOUR – SCOTTISH POWER PONTOONS – LIGHT CHARACTERS INCORRECT – the navigation lights marking the Scottish Power pontoons are not flashing as per character.

6. LOWESTOFT – TRANSITS OF UNMANNED SURFACE VESSEL – FOR SURVEY OPERATIONS AT GREATER GABBARD OFFSHORE WIND FARM – hydrographic survey operations, at the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm, are scheduled to commence on Friday 17th January 2020. These will be conducted using an unmanned surface vessel (USV) “X-06” operated by ‘XOcean’, which will be remotely controlled by a USV ‘Pilot’. The vessel is capable of working 24/7. The USV has AIS, Navigation lights a radar reflector and are painted Yellow. The duration of the survey work is approximately 2 days and is subject to favourable weather conditions. The vessels will transit to and from the survey area from the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina in Lowestoft Outer Harbour area. When transiting Harbour areas and approaches the USV’s will be escorted by the “POSIEDON” acting as Safety Boat. The Safety Boat will be monitoring VHF Ch14 during Harbour transits. Further details of the survey can be found on the attached NTM issued by SSE (I haven’t read that yet!).

7. LOWESTOFT – APPROACHES- TWINS (Sewer) BUOYS – SOUTH CARDINAL MARK – TOP MARK – the topmark of the “Twins” (Sewer) South cardinal mark is dislodged and is not seen as vertical (as shown on the usual page) – one wonders how the topmark got bend/!

8. Great Yarmouth – Maintenance repairs various to existing quay and retired line/wall – JBA Bentley will be carrying out maintenance work to the quay heading at Great Yarmouth. The site stretches along the downstream end of the River Bure. The works are planned to commence from Monday 20 January 2020 until 07 March 2020. Three types of work are being undertaken at various points along the left bank: (1) Installation of cathodic anode protection; (2) Plating works to sheet piling (3) Patch repairs to the retired concrete line. During this period, navigation will be open, but may be restricted. Vessels must exercise great care whilst proceeding past the vicinity of the works.
Additional works Information – When works are taking place in the vicinity of the Bure Bridge, the grid reference is TG521081. The navigation channel will be severely restricted to 8m width, with passage only available for larger vessels for one hour either side of slack low water for the duration of the works from Monday 20 January to 07 March 2020. Please see tide information: Tide information
Vessels requiring passage outside these times are requested to make arrangement in advance with JBA Bentley on 07826 520988. Please ensure that these positions are taken into consideration for passage planning and when navigating in this area.
All equipment will be lit and signage will be in place to warn of restrictions. The works will take place between the following approximate position: TG520080 – X (easting) 652093: Y (northing) 308040 and TG520088 – X (easting) 652044: Y (northing) 308831 (Shown on plan extract by) . Vessels should ensure the works are taken into consideration for passage planning and when navigating in this area. Chartlet available on the above quoted webpage.

9. The Broads – Navigation Restriction – Powerboat Racing at Oulton Broad – vessels may be temporarily restricted and regulated in their movement near the powerboat racing circuit at Oulton Broad during the 2020 summer season. Where necessary patrol boats will supervise transit between races. Please take note of advice given by officials. The list of dates twixt 7th May and 13th September can be found on the above quoted page – on the temporary list of course

10. Port of Wells is Dredging!

11. Blakeney Harbour – Mariners entering Blakeney Harbour should note that Harbour Entrance buoy no. 3 is currently off-station. Vessels entering Blakeney Harbour should obtain pilotage information from the numbers below before entering the harbour, due to the constantly changing new entrance channel. Harbour Entrance buoys no’s. 1,2 and 3 will be re-positioned as soon as the new entrance channel becomes stable.

12. Kings Lynn – UKD “Cherry Sand” Dredging Disposal West Stones Disposal site HU143. – from the PM tide 21st January 2020 through until the PM Tide 31st January 2020, UKD Vessel “Cherry Sand” will be carrying out maintenance dredging for the safety of shipping within the enclosed Docks King’s Lynn. Each operational tide the “Cherry Sand” will depart King’s Lynn Docks 1 hour to High water and proceed to the disposal area in the vicinity of the West Stones Beacon (52° 49.7’N 000° 21.1’E).
The disposal area is marked by 2 Yellow marker buoys;-  SGNW buoy Fl.Y.5s 52°50.615’N 000°21.160’E.  SGW buoy Fl.Y.10s 52°50.360’N 000°21.270’E. Discharge will be carried out at approximately High Water followed by return to King’s Lynn Docks about 30 minutes after high water. Mariners are requested to keep clear when the vessel is arriving and departing the Docks and on the disposal area as the vessel will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre, and to navigate with caution whilst these works are taking place. The “Cherry Sand” will monitor VHF channel 14.

Dredging activities will commence on 23rd January 2020 in the Sea Reach Channel in the vicinity of DP World London Gateway and Sea Reach No. 3.
Dredging will be carried out by the Water Injection Dredgers JETSED and IGUAZU on the ebb tides between 23rd and 26th January 2020.
Lights and shapes as prescribed in Rule 27 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 will be displayed, namely:
• By day, three black shapes in a vertical line the highest and lowest of which are balls and the middle one a diamond.
• By night, three all round lights in a vertical line the highest and lowest of which are red and the middle one white.
London VTS will broadcast requests for vessels to “proceed with caution” or “proceed at slow speed”, as described in Permanent Notices to Mariners 4 of 2014 as required by the works. International Code Flags “Romeo Yankee” will be displayed when this is in effect.

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Local NtMs compiled by and reproduced by kind permission of Roger Gaspar, author of Crossing the Thames Estuary